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By Anonymous
Gives you more I-frames than your regular dodge, and much more ground covered. Helps for a lot of bosses, with their multi-hit combos and larger AoE spells/skills, trivializing encounters in many cases.

I power-stance with my main-hand weapon having this WA slotted in, and the off-hand having a DPS WA. Two-handing the off-hand weapon to burst w/ its WA, then going back for power-stance combo and/or BH-step.
By Anonymous
This weapon art isn't talked about much, but you right. It helps so much on Malenia's flurry attack where normally, if you are close to her when she starts it, you are likely dead; just watched someone invalidate her moveset with this.
By Anonymous
Saw this being used in Melania. Not only it looks epic, its actually effective.
By Anonymous
I use 3 swords for this. I have my main power stance pair (main hand moonveil and off hand lightning utchi) then a 2nd utchi with bloodhound step (keen) on my right as well. Then I can use step to close gaps are make space, then switch back into my main damage dealer. I did prefer Hoar frost stomp as my 2nd, but it was nerfed so giving bloodhounds a go.
By Anonymous
I wish they would do that anyway.
By Anonymous
This bad boy isnt spawning for me
By Anonymous
only happens at night
By Anonymous
You have to wait until nightfall
By Anonymous
Double the iFrames of roll, massively underrated
By Anonymous
Not sure if double the iFrames but the lenght and speed sure is useful to get away from this game's 10-hit combos that the standard roll can't save you from.
By Anonymous
it's not underrated about 85% of people uses that thing when i lure invaders
By Anonymous
Note that this skill works even when overloaded and will probably be a staple of Heavy Roll builds.
By Anonymous
The boss only spawns at night
By Anonymous
This + Greatsword = DMC
By Anonymous
By buffering an attack in the middle of this skill it shows that not only does it make you invulnerable for quite a few more frames but also allows attacking earlier (it performs the roll attack animation, in fact)

It makes approaching bosses with a heavy weapon much more manageable, you might still not be able to poke them but you can at least punish on reaction like with any other weapon.
By Anonymous
Now this is pod-racing!
By Anonymous
I literally just watched that last night, with?
By Anonymous
Actually Greatsword poke works wonders with BH Step.

R1 attacks following Quickstep play the roll-attack animation, which makes Greatsword + BHS great in all circumstances.
By Anonymous
This skill is amazing for everyone, if you play a battle-mage use this.
By Anonymous
"battle mage" aka the same damn spammer playstyle everyone uses
By Anonymous
Needs a nerf bad.
With iframes as bad as normal rolls are, something that enables you to ignore weight limit and dual wield colossal greatswords while having a BETTER lightroll shouldn't work. Seriously, this makes PVP feel so bad, your blade goes through and WHILE it does, they can hit you back. All that while also just wearing the heaviest and best armour in the game. This ash of war makes endurance completely irrelevant and it's a massive PVP floodgate.
At least make it scale with your dodgeroll as to limit the weight abuse this enables and it would be fine, but as is ?

It's another entry on the "PVP yikes" hill.
By Anonymous
Delay your r1 spam dude.. I catch ppl all the time .. you need to light roll to have ds3 level I frames.. they are way less forgiving in this game.. dodge spammers get caught
By Anonymous
If you delay it you get hit because they can start up while invincible.
While it works, since most of them use double greatweapons it usually ends in a trade that you lose due to low end-lag, you can start attacking while invincible, so delaying while they don't have to delay just means you... well you lose.

It's too spamable with a punish window that's too small, a problem that most of the broken things in the game have.
Also this ain't a dodge you dingus, it's better.
And it ignores weight limit.
What page do you even think you are on, I am clearly talking about bloodhound step not normal rolls.
By Anonymous
No. This skill is great and PVPers should just suck it up.

There's no need to make the game less enjoyable just to pander to people who want to fight other players.
By Anonymous
Yeah, I agree there should be some kind of limiter to what type of build can use it. Like a weight limit, so that tanks cant just go around dodging like a thief/assassin and then stomp with a great sword.
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