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By Anonymous
The more I realise about ER the more I want to play Dark Souls 3 again. How is ER an upgrade? How is it better than DS3 or BB? WHERE?!
By Anonymous
Exactly. It's not even close to the quality of DS3, let alone BB. It just caught fire due to all the casuals talking it up because they finally got past the first boss in a "Souls" game.
The Bell Bearing Hunter in Caelid, Malikath, Crucible Knights, and the regional big boy knights are the only decent fights in the game. The rest of it is gimmick fights designed for co-op, summons, and gear-checks (looking at you Lord of Blood). It's a great open-world game, but a pretty poor Souls-like, imo. DS2 is a far better game, let alone their better offerings
By Anonymous
Then why not just play bb or ds3?
By Anonymous
There is absolutely no informative criticism in either of these comments. Just say you prefer the traditional Souls experience and move on, because Elden Ring is so much more than just "gimmick fights and gear-checks."
By Anonymous
Gave no facts or nothing to back up anything said. Just an opinion. And a bad one at that...lmao go play ds3 then, the rest of the world will be ER Enjoyers
By Anonymous
Played with this shield for a few hours, was fun ngl. For STR builds, impaling thrust can hit through the guard. Royal knight's resolve + jumping R2 is also good for guard breaks. Even then, its predictable and any decent fingerprint shield player will learn to dodge them. Its similar to fighting someone with BHS where it just stalls the duel (obv not as bad)
By Anonymous
yah i agree, this crappy shield is much more cancerous then BHS. good thing piercing fang exist
By Anonymous
Good with a pike and Scholar's Shield to invalidate some bosses like Radagon and Godfrey
By Anonymous
yes, a gigantic slap of rock causes bleeding build-up while at the same time an actual sword doesn't
By Anonymous
It’s madness not bleed, darling
By Anonymous
I assume they were referring to being able to change it's property to Bleed.
By Anonymous
yes, i was
By Anonymous
the previous point still stands, a sword CAN Apply bleed, so the main point that a "an actual sword doesn't" is just illogical, sides, yall ever hear of internal bleeding? caused by, y'know, battering damage?
By Anonymous
Rest in peace ice spear
By Anonymous
The reason it causes madness build up is because invaders go mad trying to guard break it on an overleveled phantom at rl 20
By Anonymous
Can you not get the guard boost to 100 or 99 without using magic? I thought that was achieved through using the greatshield talisman ?
By Anonymous
shield only builds where?
By Anonymous
Question, when was the last time you saw someone using a sword and shield in PvP?
By Anonymous
I actually guardbroke somebody using this shield. I was lvl 40, Liurnia, probs an overleveled phantom. He was trying to attack me with the shield. After few attacks from him, used determinantion AoW +jump attack, guard broke him and..... the game was like not today, you are not getting a riposte.

I died seconds later :)
By Anonymous
Royal knight resolve. Not determination.
By Anonymous
You can't riposte with any shield.
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