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By Anonymous
One omen killer, one boss variation of giant poison flower and one mob variation giant poison flower in a boss room together and the reward for that s**t-show is an Omen cleaver?
Why would anyone bother crossing the fog to a boss fight like that ?
By Anonymous
I killed the malformed star in Altus tunnel. Then I went in perfumer's Grotto to get what I hoped was a high level smithing stone and it was f*cking grass.
By Anonymous
The take from this boss is so poor, they attempt to sweeten the pot with a couple Rune 5's, miranda powder, and a single warming stone... pouring salt on our collective, time wasted wounds.
Farming... Yes. This is a good spot for budding cave moss.
By Anonymous
Great dungeon, but depressing boss loot.
By Anonymous
You must play this game for the gameplay, not because of the loot. It's impossible for developers to make every single piece of loot unique and amazing.