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By Eibon_the_Martyr
The successor to the Determination ash of war, very useful on strength builds vs bosses since the best strategy with slow weapons is to wait for an opening before dropping a strong attack then moving way.
By Anonymous
Jumping attack Talisman + jump bonk + RKR = happy unga bunga
By Anonymous
Just so you guys know. Abuse this weapon art with magic or faith spells and enjoy.

Do it pvp too. c:
By Anonymous
It also buffs spells and throwables as long as the buff is active. Delete this Fext nubs.
By Anonymous
The buff only lasts for 10 seconds.
By Anonymous
Determination and Royal Knight's Resolve will both also buff your next spell. Unsure if intended or not.
By Anonymous
I heard this buff applies to all sorceries as the buff does not end on a spell impact. I've yet to test it
By Anonymous
tested on raya lucaria students near rennala, not ng+. with night comet and no determination, 448 damage, with night comet + determination on offhand greatsword, 796 damage, with crystal barrage and no determination on the same enemy, 248 damage from a full burst, with determination on offhand greatsword, 496 damage on a full burst, i think this alone confirms it, use it to your advantage, this obviously applies to royal knight's resolve as it's just a better determination.
By arhammahra
Comet Azur + Cerulean hidden tear = 7900+ damage to Fire Giant
Comet Azur + Cerulean hidden tear + Royal Knight's Resolve = 16000+ damage.
By Anonymous
This is almost exclusively for one hit builds/pvp. Trash on something like a longsword vs a boss for example
By Anonymous
That's so untrue it's not even funny. It really depends on the boss, some bosses are slow enough for you to just go ham on them but against more aggressive bosses where you might only get a single hit in at a time this is still probably one of the best choices. I've killed entire bosses with Determination + Great thrusting sword, just poking.
By Anonymous
If you use it against a boss you can even cast it when he's doing a heavy attack because the cast time is very fast. Then at the end of its combo, you can punish it with a roll+attack, or a heavy attack, depending on the situation. If I apply buffs before the fight, I can reach 4K with my first attack (level 120) and my build is poorly optimised... honestly this ash is just the best for heavy weapons, it doesn't do anything spectacular but being able to hit almost 2 times with only one hit is just excellent.
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By geovanelee
Where to get
By Anonymous
This is currently glitched as it also apply the bonus to the off hand weapon without consuming the buff
So you can use it on the right hand weapon and keep attacking with the left to get 60% bonus for 10 seconds with you left hand weapon (also buff staffs and magic dmg)
You can you basically one shot anything with this on the right build, other players included in pvp
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