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Mustadio's innate job skills go brrrrr
By Anonymous
Maliketh’s armor (wearing the head piece too) looks a bit like a dragoon imo, it goes well with the Dragon King’s Cragblade or especially Bolt of Gransax!
By Anonymous
I need to know if this weapon art scales with faith.
By Anonymous
It doesn���t
By Anonymous
It scales with DEX and STR, tested just by simply switching +dex/+str talismans, dex has a bigger increase in damage
By Anonymous
Very good against the Great Jar knights. Get in their face, let the lightning stagger them, then slam them to the ground. Spammed it, and got through all three without getting hit.
By Anonymous
this weapon art is absolute BALLER in pvp when you can land it LOL
if you using another weapon switch to this and track them
you're literally sending a warhead to their position

I've murdered countless hosts on accidet cause for one i didnt think it'd travel that far
situational asf but its GOOD
By Anonymous
I need to know if your character acquires immunity while transformed into a cloud.
By Anonymous
Damage reduction. Testing lol +9 blade at Gatefront, seems like I can be hit, idk if stagerrable or anything, but little damage goes through
By Jabontik
This weapon is effective against Maliketh. I think the WA helps mitigate her damage
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By Anonymous
I guess OP meant “Malenia”
By Anonymous
If you can wield the weapon, this is great for chasing down people or gapclosing in PVP and during boss fights. Combine this with the hyper armor and high speeds, and you can even use this to escape fights.
By Anonymous
Is the weapon art 100% lightning damage? Or is it split physical and lightning?
By Anonymous
This skill seems to do insane damage with winged sword insignia and similar things vs. large enemies. Fully charging the skill at close range will have you hitting a big enemy several times in the air before the final attack since the thundercloud part of the attack actually has a hitbox, giving you the full successive attacks buff on the already crazy high damage final hit of a fully charged attack with this. I used this against Elden Beast and was able to do about 3000 damage with every skill usage with only 40 dex and rotten winged sword insignia. Literally made Elden Beast easier than Radagon on my first playthrough, beat it on my second try making it past Radagon.
By Anonymous
Radagon was the main final boss for me, Elden beast was just a stamina check