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By Anonymous
You missed the sewer area and the catacombs. Don’t blame you. This place is absolutely enourmous.
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Everything oneshot in this place.
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You're probably too under leveled, this place is pretty tough mid-game. Fight side bosses and explore different areas and come back later.
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I am level 124 and rats still nearly one-shot me. I have put only 2 points into vigor and 2 points into endurance. All points have been put into arcane/faith (same) and mind/dex (same). Brought up intelligence just enough to use the regression spell with whatever items I had at the time. My strategy is to avoid getting hit by typically hitting first, and hitting VERY hard. Being a Dragon Priestess of Pestilence has been pretty fun.
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By Mani
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"I have put only 2 points into vigor" Bless your heart
By Anonymous
This place is huge. The last section on how to reach the Forbidden lands, can someone give better directions? Can't find it.
By Anonymous
On your map you should see an area on the north east of the city that leads out east into unexplored map area. When you exit into the ramparts from the grave there you're basically above the door leading to it
By Anonymous
From Avenue Balcony, go up the stairs and take a left. Run all the way to the end to the giant double doors and open them. Go up the stairs and keep pressing forward until you see an opening on the left hand side. There will be an elevator that takes you up. Once at the top, one path leads to the Forbidden lands and the other to Divine Tower of East Atlus
By Anonymous
i was trap teleported here??
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I went up the elevator to the door that is supposed to be blocked by Morgott but it wasn't sealed? I didn't have any flasks left so I teleported back and it was then sealed when i returned.
By Anonymous
Sometimes the seal gets invisible, but it's still there and you can't cross before defeating boss
By Anonymous
> "After clearing the avenue balcony section, you'll see a structured stone hill that you can jump on."

What does this even mean? How do I get to the West Castle Rampart site from the Avenue Balcony site?
By Anonymous
the structured stone hill will actually be the dragon's wing
By Anonymous
Go to the site of grace and take the stairs down, when the guy starts shooting u (archer) dodge and run straight... when u reach almost the end of the path u will see the dragon wing and climb it... (sorry eng not my first lang)
By Anonymous
Climb the wings of the dragon.
By Anonymous
Can you get BACK here after it becomes capital of Ash?
By Anonymous
I recommend to not follow a walkthrough here and just go around randomly until you slowly map the place in your head because this place is huge af and following a walkthrough is much slower than exploring on your own and more confusing. Just follow messages on the ground for tips.
By Anonymous
wtf i was planning to go back to the capital and it changed to capital of ash. Can i go back?
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