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By Anonymous
Guess I lucked out on farming this. I wore the silver scarab and the Silver Tear Mask and killed the two soldiers next to the bonfire about 10 times - that's all it took to get the chest, gloves and leggings. Sad to see that apparently, it takes a lot of grinding sometimes, so I hope others will have a similar experience.

I like the look of the set with its Ruins Sentinels type look. The only detail that is kinda weird is that emblem on the chest. Still undecided whether I like it or not. Great set for a pally build... at about 30 Endurance, I can wear this, a heavy mace and the Tree Sentinel shield.
By Exdeath
I got the torso armour!

I finally got the torso armour!

How long has it been!?

I can finally go outside and see daylight again
By Exdeath
The actual cuirass/armour is a quite rare drop. Been doing this for 2hrs! Still no armour, only greaves and gauntlets.
By Anonymous
Loyce Knights assemble!
By GreySkale45
They made the Chasethebro crown into an actual helmet lmao
By Anonymous
Do be careful farming them, especially spear variant as they can use glintstone pebble...
By Anonymous
36 runs from Inner Wall just to get one armor. Agh, what is the drop rate? Am I just unlucky despite 259 discovery?
6 Gauntlets
2 Greaves
4 Knight's Sword
1 Greatbow
1 Partisan
What did I do to deserve an hour of my life gone just to get one armor piece to drop? Saddest part is I want 2 so I can have altered version also. Curse you OCD!
By Anonymous
I got two armors but no greaves :/
By Anonymous
swap helm for greathelm and you too can aspire to be Grossly Incandescent