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By Anonymous
To anyone wondering why people aren't using this weapon, it's because they can't put their crutch AoW's on them. Also people just cheat in rot grease anyway, which just puts this weapon onto an infusible one.
By Anonymous
I put the ash of war "Prayerful Strike" on my Golem's Halberd and lure one at a time. The weapon art squishes the guys onto the ground and one charge attack staggers them as they stand up. Repeat and you've got yourself a stun-lock farming method.
By Anonymous
Spears with rot??? Why is noone playing with it?!
On Paper, this weapon combines two stongest things in game
By Anonymous
The 'blasphemous blade' combined with 'the flame of frenzy' incantation can and will easily trap the crystalians in a loop of getting knocked on their arses by the BB's 'takers flames' then hit with the TFoF incantation before they are back on their feet. Regardless of their outer shell needing to be cracked to damage them, that frenzy incantation absolutely cripples them giving enough time to knock them down with takers flames again, and so on until they are done for, I was doing this to them myself at brace of the haligtree I didn't take so much as a single hit.