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By Anonymous
Beast Champion Greaves look sick with this set
By Anonymous
White mask is pretty cool imo.
By Anonymous
max drip
By Anonymous
An easy way to farm the enemy is to go to the caelid basement grace and use a halberd and just spam running attacks until it dies. Even it's flame spells that have poise will get canceled.
By Anonymous
this one has a lot of health and deals more damage. farm the one in volcano manor instead
By Anonymous
It was aid to Farm This, but since My gf Want This on his Build, was totally worth
By Divine_Knight
That cant be true. You either play Souls games or you have a girlfriend.
By Anonymous
I hate when the game is aware you are farming for the hood specifically, so it gives you every drop but the hood. Got it on like the 30th try meanwhile I got the other 3 pieces within 4 kills
By Anonymous
4 kills -> got the full set :D
By Anonymous
PSA: the hood and chest with fire prelate gauntlets and bullgoat legs maintain the cool look while giving y
61 poise.
By Anonymous
Got the whole set in a few tries with a silver fowl foot. Farm at Temple of Eiglay in Volcano Manor with 20 Arc. Guess I got lucky.