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By Anonymous
Fashion for this?
By Anonymous
Full haligtree knight / soldier armor with godrick knight helm looks dope
By Anonymous
Took 8 or 9 kills. Night didn't seem to help.
By Anonymous
guys i started to farm it at night and that actually work. don’t know if it is rng but i got it first try
By Anonymous
Farmed this shield for 1h (245 disc) no luck during daytime... Tried just to see if night could change something, as stated by previous posters.... instant drop... go figure; dont know if thats pure RNG or not, worth a try I guess.
By Anonymous
Read a comment about changing the time of day to nightfall to farm @ Haligtee Roots after farming buddy to the right like 30x over even with silver feets and ammy (plus high Arcane from using RoB).. once i switched to nightfall... first try - I **** you not. Maybe RNG or maybe game design?!
By Anonymous
Been fighting homeboy outside of the church for almost an hour when I read your comment. Switched to night time and got it first try as well. Has to be game design.
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By Bobicus
I ALWAYS get this to drop in coop. 3 out of my 5 characters have acquired this shield whenever I'm summoned in the Haligtree. Not sure if it's a coincidence or not
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