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By Anonymous
Does anybody know how much defence the skill lowers down?
By Anonymous
seems to be 15% with some basic tests. single r1 vs gatefront ruin soldiers goes from 135->155 consistently
By Anonymous
seems to be 15% with some basic tests. single r1 vs gatefront ruin soldiers goes from 135->155 consistently
By Anonymous
I had a great idea to do an edgy defilement knight with an offhand sword of milos and this plus acid spraymist for a fat 45% defence reduction, only to find out they dont stack... thanks From.
By Anonymous
It stacks with Frostbite
By Anonymous
the debuff is 30% now not 15 it must have been buffed in 1.04 or 1.05
By Anonymous
It’s not. I tested it because of this comment and it’s still 15%. That said, it’s the strongest of all damage debuts from my testing.
By Anonymous
When it says "defenses are lowered", what does that mean? The defense values are lowered? Or the damage absorption values are lowered?
Because if it's defense value, going from 150 to 105 (assuming it's 30% decrease on the initial value of defense), the damage before absorption for a 600 damage attack goes from 476 to 519. That's less increase than an extra 10% AR. 600 vs 660 attack value on a 150 defense target would be 476 vs 537 damage before absorption.
It's the same for a 300+300 split damage weapon. There it goes from 200+200 to 217+217, total increase of 34, vs increase the attack values 10% to 330+330, which would make the attacks do 227+227, total increase of 54
If it lowers 30% absorption then it's worthwhile to use the axe provided you're willing ot use the ash of war, if it's defense though, taking a weapon with greater base attack like the Axe of Godrick, or provided you have the stats for the scaling to matter, a weapon with greater scaling like a heavy gargoyle's great axe, would be doing more damage all the time, with the bonus of not having to use the debuff. The only niche case where it would be worthwhile if it lowers defense, is a 3 vs 1, where the debuff increases the damage for the 3 attackers, and even then, you have to use the debuff and sacrifice the opportunity cost of not having another ash of war.
By Anonymous
think this is up from 10 seconds? remember it not seeming viable due to range/time, now seems very viable. Not sure if i realized before if zone is just application, not the whole kit an kaboodle as in the debuff itself is separate. considering it as a debuff stick for my 3rd slot very much-so now.
shame its not stealth though, (except sleeping npcs), would be amazing for stealth utility to guarantee takedown of big-guy, while preparing to get dogpiled lol. not sure if im getting my souls-like games mixed up, but i assume there is no workaround for the stealth? like assassin's approach, hidden weapon, assassin's gambit all dont silence weapons iirc yes?
By Anonymous
As of 1.07 the debuff effect lasts 60 seconds. It reduces all defenses by 30% in PvE, 15% in PvP
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By AlshainOfAquila
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From my personal testing in 1.08, this doesn't actually shred defenses, but works in exactly the same way that Frostbite works, in that it's a straight up % damage increase on damage dealt. It also seems to be 15% in PvE and not 30%.

I tested against Godfrey with both the Sacred Blade AoW which deals pure holy damage, and Giantsflame Take Thee which is pure fire. Godfrey has 40% absorption for Holy, but 0 for Fire. I dealt 601 damage with Sacred Blade without Soul Stifler, and 691 with it (exactly a 15% damage increase). I then tested out Giantsflame Take Thee, and dealt 893 damage without, and 1027 with, once again exactly a 15% damage increase.

Furthermore, I can almost definitively prove it's both 15% and a straight damage increase due to combining it with Frostbite. With both up I dealt 829 damage with Sacred Blade (precisely 38% more damage than without Frostbite or Soul Stifler) which equates to 1.2 x 1.15. To reinforce this I also tested again with Giantsflame Take Thee and dealt 1233 damage, once again *exactly* a 38% damage increase over baseline.

To sum this all up, the damage increase from Soul Stifler is only 15% in PvE, and it simply increases your damage dealt against the target by 15%, no matter their absorptions or the damage type you're dealing. It also stacks multiplicatively with Frostbite's 20% damage increase for precisely a 38% damage increase.

All in all, if you can manage to land this AoW, it's damage increase is equal to that of the Golden Vow spell, albeit with less duration and no personal damage absorption increases. Great for characters investing into Strength and Dex but not faith who want a bit more boss damage. Alternatively it can also be *combined* with Incantation or sorcery buffs like Golden Vow, FGMS, and/or Terra Magica for magic damage to deal considerable damage to enemies and bosses. For magic characters, proccing Soul Stifler, Frostbite, and using Golden Vow and Terra Magica will increase your damage by a total of 2.14x normal damage, not even counting Talismans or Wondrous Physick buffs, though magic damage characters may struggle getting the minimum requirements for this weapon. I find the best use for the weapon to be on Strength/Dex characters who want the extra damage of Golden Vow but can't afford the stat investment. Pair with a source of Frostbite like Freezing Pots and go to town.