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By Anonymous
Where are the pants?
By ZendNoodles
Currently I don't believe they drop any, if they do it is a rare drop. While farming I killed probably 50-60 and did not get any pants but had gotten a dozen of everything else.
It is possible I had bad luck however
By ZendNoodles
I took a look at the Highwayman Set, the Highwayman appears to be wearing the same Legs as the Foot Soldiers, it's possible they don't drop their equipped ones and don't have a special kind
By Moscimer
Their legs are using the Foot Soldier Greaves as it's the only metal part on them, the rest is swapped cloth for the highwayman set
By Anonymous
what are you, my wife?
By Anonymous
This mf ain't got no pants!
By Prime262
They can also drop mushrooms. id add it myself but i have no ****ing clue how to format wiki and after ****ing with it for about 5 minutes i just gave up
By Anonymous
So, uh... they only appear in Murkwater Cave, and nowhere else in the entire game? That is very strange.
By Anonymous
Kinda bummed that these guys don't make an appearance anywhere else. Would've been cool seeing them scattered across the lands in bandit camps.
By Anonymous
It is certainly very strange these guys only appear in one place. Also, the sound traps from Murkwater Cave don't appear in many other places either. Of all the enemies in the game, From chose *this* one to be temperate with?
By Anonymous
Another notable enemy comes to mind. The Broken Abductor Virgin. Definitely a little odd
By Anonymous
wheres the broke abductor virgin from
By Anonymous
Broken one’s only found in Mt. Gelmir’s Hermit Village.
By Anonymous
Obviously gotta give Patches a bit of special treatment
By Anonymous
These look almost the same as rogues from Huntman's Copse, DS2.
By Anonymous
Fromsoft when designing their world: Those Fingercreepers gotta be in the snowy mountains as well and the Highwaymen go uh in that one cave I guess