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By Anonymous
projectile seems like a stretch.
By Anonymous
needs a buff, eitehr in range or damage but preferably both tbh
By Anonymous
Only a storm can fell a great wood .

Or a giant, I guess.
By Anonymous
Ahh, you were at my side all along. My guiding Drake Sword.
By Anonymous
Getsuga Tenshooooo
By Anonymous
pretty good when free-aimed. keeps your opponent on their toes
By Anonymous
It needs to be faster.
By Anonymous
slow predictable ranged slash that deals moderate physical damage: 18 FP

incredibly fast ranged slash that deals insanely high magic damage: 15 FP

what is from smoking
By Anonymous
Following patch 1.07, this skill is actually quite powerful now. The distance the wave travels was increased, it can be aimed up or down (depending on where your target is), the skill comes out faster, AND FP was reduced.

It acts now, in my opinion, as a better/upgrade to Storm Blade.