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in theory, if you use this in conjunction with the jar cannon and exploding greatbolt, you could do a lot of damage
By Anonymous
Just tried exactly this - seemed to have no effect. Was working for catch flame, but seems possible jar cannon w/ explosive greatbolts are split damage and it doesn't work properly? was 983 vs caelid dogs with and without over multiple tests, so not sure what's up. Damage bonus for catch flame seemed to be more like 50% - 991 vs dogs went up to 1487 (which is what the rounded 50% figure what would be) which makes sense. So... good for single fire hits, seemingly wonky with split damage or weapons?
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How long does it last on them
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By ChamaNaHannah
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It seems to be only one attack.
But this unfortunately makes sense, since fire will consume all the oil.
By Anonymous
Step 2: cover your enemies in oil
By Anonymous
Step 1: Steal underpants
By Anonymous
Going to use this in my "Bear Witness!" only run.
By Anonymous
Only buffs the first instance of fire damage on the afflicted target, then the debuff disappears. Best used with single hit, high potency fire abilities like the Blasphemous Blade's weapon art. These are fantastic for conserving mana; they cost 0FP to throw and improve damage quite a lot with the right build. They are some of the easiest pots to craft as well; Melted Mushrooms can be farmed easily in Nokron and 1 Melted Mushroom = 1 Oil Pot.
By Anonymous
Love to use this in conjunction with the One-eyed Shield. Improves the explosive **** damage exponentially.
By Anonymous
would this affect the DOT of black flame spells and weapons
By Anonymous
Id assume so but only for one tic of the damage
By Anonymous
It just used it against the starstorm guy. Turned my 250 black flame damage to about 800 fire. Really effective. Probably different depending on enemy types
By Anonymous
No, the DOT part isn't even fire damage. But it affects the initial hit of the spells that actually does fire damage and also the added fire damage of buffs.
By Anonymous
Boil him in oil
By Anonymous
Fire arrow dmg w/o: 161
Fire arrow dmg doused in oil: 175

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