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By Ofvin
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think people are underestimating this weapon because of its low damage. PVP aside, I think this is a pretty decent weapon in PVE. My current stats are 50 arcane and I got about 125 bleed buildup stat. I also add blood flame blade for extra bleed and damage (+Varre cosplay lmao). With all this combined, the cleanrot knight outside of the prayer room gets unlocked with its AOW. Enemies get a bit of hyper armor when they're stunned, but the bleed breaks through the hyper armor. Basically, just spam the AOW. Also, a single cast of AOW guarantees 2 procs of bleed, even though on the second proc the enemy would have increased resistance. If you want a guaranteed bleed, this weapon is a go-to. The damage is still terrible though, but it's not the worst weapon in the game (Those are for bows lmao).
By Anonymous
I think getting hit with plain old regular roses would actually do more damage than this thing does
By Anonymous
I really wish this was a greathammer or colossal weapon
By Anonymous
Why Fromsoft, why do you make so many cool things that are garbage.
By Anonymous
Let's be generous here. This is complete garbage.
By Anonymous
I was planning on grabbing a pair of these and doing a Roserade build, but if it's this terrible i might not even bother...
By Anonymous
Got invaded by a guy powerstancing this. He started attacking me & i felt bad for him so i just seppukued myself over & over. Even with his help it took a long time to die. I cant imagine the pain he must have suffered before that point.
By Anonymous
only good thing is it so light so you can keep it as a back up if you need to farm health
By Anonymous
it's like getting hit with an actual bouquet of flowers
By Anonymous
good for meme, time to propose marriage to malenia... YOU DIED
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