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By GremlinMan69
jesus ****ing christ just make it drop from a dungeon somewhere PLEASE fromsoft. i thought we figured this out when you gave us the staff from killing thops
By Anonymous
Easily the best greataxe in terms of utility and stat efficiency. Great for any starting build too if you're willing to farm a little, you only need 16 strength to two-hand it meaning if you picked hero you don't need any levels and if you picked any other class including astrologer you can just grab the nearby scarseal and starscourge heirloom to hit that 16 bar. Demolishes everything in PvE with its jump and heavy attacks and you can easily let it carry you until the end of the game.
By Anonymous
Get this, slap Flame of the Redmanes on it. Go High Strength and mid Faith. If your target is weak to fire, make it Flame, if they aren't make it Heavy. Get Flame, Grant Me Strength. Stack +Charge Attack damage via talismans and your physick.

Use Flame to stagger a target, and then instead of going for the crit/visceral attack - run up and start dropping massive Charged R2s on it.

Watch them ****ING. MELT.
By Anonymous
Ahaha, you lost me at talismans and a physick for a single axe.