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Cresent Moon Axe vs Longhalft Axe which is better?
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I wondering about this as well I do like the crescent heavy attack a lot but I think the longshaft axe has better poise damage.
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The crescent axe has a more diagonal heavy that I found would miss shorter enemies and enemies down a slope
By Anonymous
Crescent for DEX builds, Longshaft for STR
By Anonymous
this with some parts of duelist set and you can make Astaroth or with fur set you can make Rock
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There a reason i can't put Prelate's Charge ash of war on this axe?
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By Anonymous
Prelate works on colossal axes this is a greataxe
By Anonymous
It apears to be about the same length as the crescent axe, without the cool r2 attacks, but it does require less dex and seems to have slightly better innate strength scaling. I think a choice between the two will come down to preference.
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By EvilUnicornLord
Guys, Demi-Humans don't drop this. You're thinking of Misbegotten which are different enemies.
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By default, Longhaft scales slightly better with STR, while Crescent Moon scales slightly better with DEX
When infused with Quality, both have identical damage

Either one is nice option when you can't afford the high STR requirement of Executioner/Godrick Greataxe yet
but want Greataxe with longer reach than Greataxe
By Anonymous
2 in 1 farm for Misbeggoten Shortbow here
By Anonymous
211 discovery

43 old fang
2 longhaft
By Anonymous
The drop rate for this is ridiculous. 203 discovery, killing the 2 in Village Windmill Pasture and it took 160 kills before I saw my 1st drop and it WASN'T the axe... it was an Old Fang (crafting item). 44 kills after THAT I got my 2nd drop, which was the axe.
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Liar ahead
By Anonymous
If you’re a pure strength build this thing is middle of the pack. If you’re a bit lower strength and will be using split damage this weapons high base damage allows it to pack a punch. It also has nice reach, and doesn’t weigh too much. Imo it’s one of the best looking greataxe too. A lot to love about this one, unless you’re pure strength in which case I don’t know why you’d ever use this over executioner’s.
By Anonymous
It's lighter. That's about it though.
By Anonymous
Yee. This is more of a minimalist axe. Most of the other axes seem to require serious dedication to strength.
By Anonymous
At 66 strength, heavy infusion, and 2-handing , the difference is 5 AR, but saves you almost two points of endurance (with no equip load talismans). With great jar, it saves you one point. It's well worth if you're squeezed for levels at 60/125/150 pvp.