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By Anonymous
My last weapon to farm. I spent 3 ish hours trying to get it, then I got sloppy and died right as I killed the big guy. Had to see that purple item disappear with the 'you died' screen.... ****ing gigadoot.
By Letomar
This fu***** weapon, took me around 2 hours of farming in the Miquella's Haligtree with 250+ discovery.
By iorimayor
Arcane 21 with the Silver Scaab, took me like 10 tries on the Haligtree Town grace. Don't give up!
By Anonymous
it may not be good, but its a flex
By Anonymous
I found the easiest framing method for me was to start at the haligtree town site of grace. Equip bolt of gransax, lords divine fortification and blessing of the erdtree. Kill the first 3 flowers until you have the room to throw the bolt at the puffy holy monstrosity and repeat until you got it....done..
By Anonymous
6 hours in grinding these guys with a silver mask a silver scarab and silver pickled fowl foot and no horn
By Anonymous
I found a way to farm it that is reasonably effective; from Haligtree town, go up the ladder and sprint to the first area on the branch that doesnt have rot sprouts, by then the first volley from the Envoy will be almost in so simply dodge into them to make short work of it, then sprint to the area near the 2 mushrooms you need to jump off from and dodge the 2nd volley in similar fashion. Jump off, be wary because a 3rd volley is coming and they tend to weasel between the branches so be ready to dodge or tank a hit or two, afterward simply sprint unto the branch that go toward the giant and youll be safe. Then stay on the junction of the branch you're on and the branch the giant is on, and it'll spam volley into the ground whithout moving, allowing for an easy kill, especially if you use the Envoy longhorn as to shoot over the branch protecting you. While I recommend just going back go grace after he is dead, if you're feeling courageous there is another giant to your right but be wary as he is protected by goons, so imo not really worth the hassle. You can even safely pop a silver pickled fowl thingie from this spot as he cannot hit you.

With 99 arcane, silver scarab and silver pickled fowl leg, I got it in less than half an hour.
By Anonymous
I hate the platforming aspect of FS games. I am glad it took less than an hour to farm at max arcane with silver scarab. Collecting everything in the game and this farm was the worst.
By Anonymous
At last, I have acquired it.... The fattest doot
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