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By DTPandemonium
Game so stingy on consumables PvPers are running save wizard for a megamule save just so they don't have to dupe 60000 items on all 10 character slots.
By Anonymous
Decided to farm for Big Knife one time. Took me about 30 tries. (First room in the cave leading to Latenna) Posting it here cause in that time and close to 100 Demi humans later I received 2 strings. Terrible drop rate.
By Anonymous
Fine, ill farm them I guess.... but WHAT IS THAT DROP RATE???!?!?!??
By Anonymous
Be assured, the Elden String resteth close at hand.
By Anonymous
This game really got me more hyped from three string drops in a row rather than killing malenia
By Anonymous
"Often carried by demi-humans"

Yet our demi-human SEAMSTER Boc doesn't sell them. WTF.
By Anonymous
There's five string on a corpse next to another corpse with two Golden Dung. They're south east of the Demi-Human ruins, in the middle of a meadow with small pink flowers and a Demi-Human ambush.

By Anonymous
this should be buyable, no one wants to farm for this
By Anonymous
Maaaan I need this to be easier to farm. How else am I gonna insult Comet Azur spamf**s when I absolutely dunk on their 12 Vigor 0 Poise Mage ***** asses?
By Anonymous
After 130 hours I got 6 Legendary Somber Smithing Stones, 6 Legendary Smithing Stones, 99 Rune Arcs, 13 Dragon Hearts, 18 Larval Tears and 4 string.