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By Anonymous
Do only Demi-humans posses string because they keep stealing it from everyone else, or is twining thread more difficult than forging armaments?
By DeScruff
Apparently. Maybe thats why they kicked out Boc
By Anonymous
Giant Golden Arrows....? Oh yes, we have an endless supply of those. But string? You ask too much.
By Anonymous
they probably only grow hemp to smoke dank doobers with and not the sort of hemp thats good for making ropes
By Anonymous
they probably only grow hemp to smoke dank doobers with and not the sort of hemp thats good for making ropes
By schwartzwee
Anyone know where to find where to buy this? Missing my roped bomb combos ;(
By Anonymous
No place is known as of yet.
By Sheynes
There is a droprate of 3% I got 6 string in 200 demi humans. I farm them in the Limgrave Coastal Cave grace.
By Anonymous
Having such a low drop rate and no way to buy these is just insane. The consumables its used for are burned through quickly so it discourages me from even using them at all because I'll quickly run out with no way to replenish other than farming for hours.
By Anonymous
The drop chance on these is so ridiculously low and without a place to sell it.... well, roped bombs are a specialty weapon now.
By Anonymous
Since no one has mentioned it, first room of Volcano Cave has a pack of 5 demi-humans closely bunched up. No idea if it's the best spot but it seems a lot better than Coastal Cave to me.
By Anonymous
is there really no easy way to get this but farming undead? Seems weird considering how abundant other crafting materials are.
By Anonymous
Not undead, demi humans.
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By Arruke
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After seeing many comments about how low the string drop rate was I wanted to see if it was worth farming at all for roped pots. All kills were done with 274 item discovery, 99 arcane and the talisman on a magic casting build with 15 vigor, lvl 160, all were easily done.

Medium-sized demi-humans in volcano cave, 5 are very close to the grace.
1000 kills, 132 string, 13.2% drop rate

You can kill 1000 of them in about an hour it's very quick and easy. Not an incredible drop rate, but very doable with minimal effort.
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By Axelux
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Farm 100 strings, do save backup and give them to your friend. Reload the save and ask your friend to give them back, rinse and repeat

This can be done with lots of items, even upgraded weapons. It's a bit of a cheat though :)
By Anonymous
@Axelux - I dont like dupin - but this seems like a practical application of it. Unless it was like a 60% drop rate
By Anonymous
People have been banned for duping
By Anonymous
Don't spread misinformation. Duping via save-scumming is not bannable and has never led to any bans in previous souls games.
By Anonymous
Unless you are duping a millions items at a time Fromsoftware won't really ban you for neither restoring a previous savefile nor dropping items to your friends. Fromsoftware encourages players to make backup saves, since save files can always corrupt
By Anonymous
I've had more Somber Smithing Stones +9 than these
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