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By Anonymous
Foul Jarnished
By Anonymous
Foul Jarnished, in search of the Elden Jar. Emboldened by the Jar of ambition. Someone must destroy said Jar

-Marjar, the Jar omen
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By EvilUnicornLord
Jar hat, Beastman's Jar Shield, Jar Cannon, Companion Jar, Great Jar's Arsenal. Become the ultimate warrior jar.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Recommended fashion?
By Anonymous
Jar Jar Binks
By Anonymous
I play this game offline so don't have a ****ing scooby what all these "let me solo her" comments are about
By Anonymous
im sorry but are you living under a rock? playing offline doesnt matter at all in this case. let me solo her is a legendary figure in the elden ring community so i find it unbelievable that anyone could not know of them
By Anonymous
Imagine typing that cringe response from this other guy lmao
By Anonymous
this looks really good with the blooming guardian robes. become plant.
By Anonymous
Good call
By Anonymous
The battle of the ages...

Giantdad vs. let me solo her

who will win?
By Anonymous
Dexf#g Solo Her would never be able to break The Legend's poise
By Anonymous
With ds1 poise plus upgraded armor? LMSH has no chance in hell. Now Giantdad cosplay in elden ring, LMSH wins
By Anonymous
Legend ahead
By Anonymous
Most badass helm in the game ngl.
By Anonymous
I don't understand the dislike bombing of any comment mentioning a certain jarhead that can take on a notoriously difficult boss by himself. Is it because its gotten annoying?
By Anonymous
Yes. Shame too as LMSH is such a cool phenomenon in the community. Fun for Reddit, not so much for a wiki page.
By Anonymous
it's baffling how obsessed people are over a guy who fights a boss at meta level... how many people doing SL1 max NG no roll kills get news articles? where's jar head's kills? people act like this dude is the messiah.
By Anonymous
How many of those people have actually helped others?
By Anonymous
It's called being selfless. Google the term if you have to. You probably won't find it in Reddit.
By Anonymous
No is genuinely saying he’s the best elden ring player or actually worshipping him. I don’t know if you understand, but his character is a meme. Like you’re really getting pissy over the community enjoying a meme dude lol.
By Anonymous
Well those people haven't helped thousands of players beat Melania.
By Anonymous
The legends has been told, its!
"let me solo her"
By Anonymous
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