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By Anonymous
You get jar from iron fist alexander quest, when he is in the lava next to the magma dragon (better to defeat boss first) talk to him and he wil give jar helmet.
Search youtube or location of that magma dragon
By Anonymous
Really do be jar
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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Obtained through Alexander's questline. In the Volcano.
By Anonymous
This seems to make the large pots friendly?
By Anonymous
no, some jars are just non-hostile until you attack or get too close
By Anonymous
I tested fire pots with it and it seems to raise their damage by about 15%.
By Anonymous
That's actually pretty good.
By Anonymous
Beware the jar-poachers. They are plainly in league with the perfumers, so beware them too.
By Anonymous
This helm might have the best weight to defense ratio in the game. I've been running it, and I sure do love the goofiness.
By Anonymous
It also gives a fair buff to throwing pots
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