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By Anonymous
Where is this located? I’m extremely interested.
By Anonymous
You receive it from Preceptor Seluvis as part of his Doll quest line.
After you buy a second doll using star shards you pick up from the bowls around the edges of certain zones, he'll offer you a quest to give bring him an ingredient for a potion. The Amber Starlight is located in a small area you reach by heading up a path SW of Stormcaller Church.
By Anonymous
You get this talisman after completing Seluvis 2nd part of quest (bringing him the Amber starlight)
By Anonymous
what does it do?
By Anonymous
If he died bucause you enden ranni quest this item Is lost?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
What does it do?
By Anonymous
This raises holy attack, but lowers damage negation
By Anonymous
No it dies not... the holy one is Sacred Scorpion Charm
By Anonymous
Im on Playstation. Someone wants to trade/ drop the charm for me? He‘s already dead in my game
By Anonymous
Is it possible do trade talismans? I can't get it anymore but it would benefit my build by a lot.
By Anonymous
after getting the fingerslayer blade or w/e return to seluvis first, buy his puppets, bring him amber starlight. The charm raises magic dmg but lowers dmg negation. IF you give ranni the potion, she will instantly be hostile towards you. CHURCH OF VOWS RESTORES RANNI QUEST
By Anonymous
omfg i never thought of manipulating relationship of me and the demi-god via Church of Vows. What a gamer move! Now I can safely progress my test by giving amber potion to dung eater.
By Anonymous
What I did was: Do his first request, talk to him about his secret chamber and get a puppet. After defeating radahn, I talk to him about buying another puppet with starlight shard from previous playthough, then the option for his 2nd request appear
By Anonymous
This is anecdotal but for everyone wondering what it does. Every other Scorpion talisman increase your attack (fire, holy, magic, etc) but lowers your defenses in return. Technically your damage negation. Therefore I would say it’s safe to assume this boosts magic damage while decreasing your damage negation. Let’s see how many downvotes this gets… *cheers*
By Anonymous
this is actually hilarious how many downvotes you've farmed LMAO
By Anonymous
it's almost like the description says exactly that, but more concise.
By Anonymous
does it raise weapon magic damage only or actually raise spell damage as well?
By Anonymous
It raises weapon magic damage as well
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