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By Anonymous
bruuh i accidentally landed on her after helping her, i wanted to finish the quest :'((((((
By Anonymous
give me :c
By Anonymous
Go attone for your sin
By Anonymous
lmao time for ng+ i guess
By Anonymous
Just atone. This will deaggro all NPCs
By Anonymous
Go to the church of vows to stone for your sins and she'll chill out
By Anonymous
she's already chilled out i think, i believe she's dead
By Anonymous
there is no "atonement"

post-invasion Millicent is like post-invasion dung eater, they die from any instance of player dmg
By Anonymous
Do you need this to get the steam achievement for all talismans?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
does this work is barrage bow skill?
By Anonymous
I just got the both the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia and Milicent's Prosthesis and tried them with the Shortbow. Neither one (other than the flat +5 Dex on the Prosthesis) made a difference in bow damage regularly or with Barrage.
By Anonymous
it's so fun when the guide on this wiki only says how to get it after it tells you you should reload the location to get the needle, now i cant get this ffs
By Anonymous
Protip for anyone wanting both this and the Rotten Winged Sword talisman: You can get both if you defend Millicent from her sisters and then kill her yourself when she appears near the miniboss spawn area after the fact.
By Anonymous
For the people that want to know, you can't get the needle when you kill her here. So it's either 1 talisman and a needle or both talismans, the choice is yours.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Can you wear them both?
By Anonymous
how about the unalloyed gold needle?
By Anonymous
this approach will deny you the Flock's Canvas Talisman, which greatly boosts incantations. just tyi
By Anonymous
It should be noted that you don't get the Golden Needle if you do this.
By Anonymous
So, I can confirm you can receive ALL 3 talisman by doing the following:
1. Help Millicent defeat the 4 sisters for the Rotten Winged Sword Isnignia.
2. Go to Gowry BEFORE talking to Millicent and kill him. He will be weeping and drop the Flock Canvas Talisman and bell bearing when killed.
3. Go back to Millicent and attack her for the Millicent's Prosthesis talisman.

*I have NOT killed Malenia and this appears to be why some people cannot recieve the Flock Talisman after the Millicent quest. Also, you obviously won't receive the needle by doing this.
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By Kalthramis
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If you kill her at the end of her questline after saving her, she will not drop the needle and you'll remove a potential ending for yourself. I would recommend save-scumming and trading with a friend to get both talismans.
By Anonymous
or- newgame+
By Anonymous
Technically not true, doesn't remove an ending for yourself. The needle is only useful for people who already screwed up and accidentally started the Frenzied Flame when they didn't want that bad ending. If someone is smart & saves a backup before they do Frenzied, they can save-scum and do every ending... without needing the needle. It itself does not give any achievements or anything special. It's just a fix for people to change their mind.
By Anonymous
'bad' ending? how is the ending with the ending with the most technical effort put into it the bad one?
By Anonymous
I'm not getting all the achievements...
By Anonymous
This one is not necessary. Only legendary talismans.
By Anonymous
4% buff per stack
By Anonymous
4% for first stack, 6% for second, 11% for final.
Rotten Wing is notably better unless the dex is needed with 6% then 8% then 13%.
By Hephaestus
I see people complaining about the achievment. Btw the achievments in this game are different from past souls games.

You don't need every spell, ash of war, summon, talisman, etc... you only need the legendary versions of those. So only all the legendary spells, legendary ash of wars, legendary summons, and legendary talismans. You can still get the achievement without this and I think finishing her quest for the golden needle is better anyways. Lets you get out of an ending if you don't want to do it.

There are 8 legendary talismans and all can be acquired in post-game so no need to fret
By Anonymous
Actually useful and no-spoiler comment, thank you
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