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By Anonymous
This is very good against Malenia if you use a heavier thrusting weapon (I used the Commander's Standard).
Beat her without summons on the first attempt after getting wrecked on every other playthrough.
By Anonymous
by pre-empting and interrupting her attacks? That's pretty smart
By Anonymous
so exactly how are you supposed to use this talisman in PvE?
the only three ways i can come up with without trading blows and getting hit in the process is
1 using a shield and poke from behind the shield,
2 outrange their attack while yours hit,
3 using quickstep or bloodhound step around their attack and hit them during it.

the shield poke is kinda a crutch and you don't want to do that too much anyways because it lowers your damage.
outranging enemies is not always an option but it does work well for spears most of the time.
being forced to use an AoW just to get some negligible use out of the talisman seems a little much.
and since most thrust weapons don't deal that much poise damage it's not exactly like you can interrupt the enemy from hitting you.

is it something i'm missing here in regards to the PvE usability of this thing?
By Anonymous
Besides rewarding the basic spear fighting technique of outspacing and punishing, many big enemies do big, slow attacks that offer you ample time to get several counter attacks in from safety. Especially true in co-op or with spirit ashes summoned to distract the target.
By Anonymous
I was using this with the Serpent Hunter Spear and did get enemies to poise break pretty reliably actually, but I think this talisman especially shines when poking from behind a shield or attacking with bow.
By Anonymous
How is it a crutch if it's in the game and has gear made to support that kind of play? Souls players baffle me sometimes. "You're playing wrong if you're not artificially making the game harder". Absolute clown logic.
By Anonymous
Bro thinks playstyles and using equipment and functionality provided by the game is a crutch, actual loser opinion. I'm not a fan of playing in that way but there's nothing that's a crutch about it, you have clear counters to it, and it counters specific things. Its usability is exactly what you described in your numbered list you absolute pug. That's how you use spears.
By Anonymous
You mentioned "without trading blows" but this is a great application of this talisman. Rusted Anchor, poise armour, wild strikes. It's an option for you to choose.
By Anonymous
Rusted anchor with lions claw. Infinite poise with high damage. Yes you will probably trade a hit but it is well worth it. Jump itself often helps you to avoid hits as well
By Anonymous
It's really useful on big enemies because they often have long ttacks that will miss you based on positioning, Magma Wyrms, as well Radahn and Placidusax are great examples.
By Anonymous
Very tight timing in PvE. However, doing 1000 damage with a running R1 is pretty funny.
By Anonymous
On bosses many of them have absurdly long attack animations, this can be used to great benefit. On Malenia I could land multiple counter halberd thrusts during one of her attacks.
By Anonymous
Does this effect the counter attack damage of non-thrusting weapons? Like does it directly buff counter attacks, i.e. Pierce Damage weapons. I'm pretty sure things like the Rusted Anchor and Beast Jaw can get the Counterattack bonus, but I'm not sure if this talisman works on them because of how this page is worded.
By Anonymous

It works on all thrusting damage.

This includes weapons that don’t specifically say thrust in the description. Giant hunt also counts as pierce damage no matter the weapon it is on.
By Anonymous
Damn you Dark Souls 2 B team for making me think this "ring" would work with elemental damage
By Anonymous
it works with counter damage, counter damage only works with piercing damage. It has nothing to do with the talisman itself, and there is really no reason to throw a hissy fit over a misunderstanding that comes from your own wrong conclusions
By Anonymous
Yamamura led design on Sekiro and the Ds3 dlc, deal with it.
By Anonymous
days since "gamers" last seethed over dark souls 2: 0
By Anonymous
what is considered a counter attack, and why is it used in bow builds?
By Anonymous
A counter attack is when you hit your enemy while they're in an attack animation. When you're attacking, your thrust damage negation is reduced, which is why thrust weapons do more damage on their counter attacks. Bows use the spear talisman because they do thrust damage. So if you shoot someone with a bow while they're attacking, you do extra damage, which is increased by this talisman.
By Anonymous
does Eochaid's Dancing blade AoW count ?
By Anonymous
Pierce damage in general seem to work well with this talisman. Running the Rusted anchor with wild strikes AoW, Jumping attacks, and good timing everything gets shredded
By Anonymous
Does this work with the Raptor Talons? been trying to test wether or not those claws deal piercing damage with the jumping heavy attacks but I can't figure it out for the life of me.
By EasilyPeasily
Does this boost the stab when you’re powerstancing dual straight swords?
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