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By Anonymous
Any idea on what this "unique counterattacks" are?
By Anonymous
My guess would be guard counters
By Anonymous
If it's anything like the Leo Ring in Dark Souls, then thrusting attacks (and pure pierce weapons like the Lucerne) should get a noticeable damage boost when hitting an enemy that's in the middle of an attack animation. We'll have to see how the math works out this time around once people start doing testing.
By jameswilliams
Translation: When an opponent is in an attack animation thrust attacks do additional damage. This enhances that ability further.
By Anonymous
With how aggressive most bosses are, that's pretty much all the time :')
By Anonymous
ok so this affects spears (like the Torchpole) im playing a greatshield STR tank and using this with the Torchpole i am DECIMATING everything while safely hiding behind my shield. It adds damage during others attacks
By Anonymous
it also boosts damage, when you counter Attack after blocking with R2/RT
By Anonymous
It doesnt
By Anonymous
It's the equivalent of the Leo Ring.
It boosts damage dealt to enemies while they are in an attack animation.
It only works with attacks that do Pierce damage, arrows and bolt included.
By Anonymous
Leo's ring
By Anonymous
I tried testing this, I did 264 damage on a guard counter attack useing Cold Infused Cross-Naginata (+12 or +6 cant remember which) against the knights at Gatefront waypoint without the Talisman... and 220 with the talisman. Are we sure this is working properly as it seems to reduce my damage...? Maybe it's because of the infusion?
By Anonymous
Counter attacks are not guard counters. This only procs if an enemy is in an active attacking animation. Guard counters tend too hit after an enemy finished their attack.
By Anonymous
You seem to be misinterpreting the talisman. Counter attacks and guard counters are two different things. Counter attacking is when you attack the enemy while they are in the middle of an attack or are recovering from an attack animation. Thrust weapons have always historically done increased damage when attacking during this opportunity in all of the previous Soul's games. This talisman increases the bonus damage thrust weapons do when attacking the enemy during these opportunities.
By Anonymous
The cross naginata is a thrusting weapon but you must be using a thrusting motion. Even weapons that aren't thrusting weapons have thrusting motions, but I'm not sure if those apply the damage scaling as well.
By Anonymous
It only boosts thrusting animations for weapons. Cross-Nagi has slashing animations, it says in the description. It does have thrusts too, but mostly slashes.
By Anonymous
Does this buff a critical when you parry?
By Anonymous
No, that's riposte not counterattack
By Anonymous
It doesnt enhance guard counterattacks
By Anonymous
obviously dumbass why would they have 2 talismans just for that
By Anonymous
Chill it's an easy mistake to make on first glance.
By Anonymous
tbf, if the guard counter is a thrusting attack and the enemy is in an animation again *technically* that would work. the situations aren't necessarily mutually exclusive
By Anonymous
It does i believe if your counterattack hits say a boss in between another will get punished most likely but the damage is noticeable
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