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By Anonymous
Beautiful weapon, but drop rate is more like 0.5%
By Anonymous
Better than GUGS simply because you won't look like a berserk weeaboo
By Anonymous
how you gonna troll berserk fans? lol
berserk inspired: All souls games, elden ring, claymore (anime), dragons dogma (video game - if you enter "GUTS" as a name his character pops up, armor, enemies in the game), Gintama (makes a Berserk reference), Soul Sacrafice (videogame)

Its popular for a reason. That being said I sound like a weeb, but it is a GREAT anime

By Anonymous
berserk inspired dark souls? you have no idea what you're talking about. Miyazaki was inspired by Sam Raimi's Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness.
By Anonymous
Dungeons & dragons is the source of this genre of games. Classes, stats, exp, etc, all trace back to DnD that came out in the 1970's.
By Anonymous
Needs more base damage, maybe at the cost of some str scaling. Currently, outside of fashion/cosplay reasons, there is no reason to not use the Greatsword over this every single time. Gugs has better range, better guard stats, and higher damage on every infusion while being almost the same weight.
By Anonymous
Drop rate on this cannot possibly be 8%. The math just isn't mathing. 2 hours farming ar 210 discovery and all I got was experience killing watchdogs.
By DTPandemonium
Chad watchdog's greatsword enjoyer vs the 687th Guts cosplayer.
By Anonymous
tremendous drip, worth the farm
By Anonymous
Please, for your own sake, do NOT farm this above NG. I waited until past NG+7 to try to grab one for a cosplay build and dear god the Watchdog that drops it is harder than any boss in the regular NG cycle. It has thousands of HP, is immune to status, has seemingly unlimited stance, kills you in two hits no matter what armor or buffs you have, can't be made easier with spirit summons, and requires a long runback to try again. 8% feels like .01% when every attempt takes 5-10 minutes.
By Anonymous
I just farmed the farm on NG+4 and I feel your pain... I was only 2-shot (except by the frost breath if I got caught up in it) but it was enough to put the fear of watchdog in me for sure!
By Anonymous
This doesn't have the insanely slow heavy and charged heavy of the GUG. Instead it has the regular downward slam as R2 which is faster.
By Anonymous
Exactly, and is why I use it over the GUGS.
By Anonymous
Gugs heavy can roll catch 360 wtf u mean?
By Anonymous
this feels like gaslighting, the S scaling on this compared to the A scaling on the GUGS still does less damage total.
By Anonymous
Because WDGS has much lower base damage. Total AR is base damage x (attribute x attribute scaling modifier). For arbitrary example, 100% of 100 is better than 110% of 90. Also, Watchdog is a "low S" and Greatsword is a "high A", they are both right above and below the letter change breakpoint respectively.
By Anonymous
not the worst weapon, but it does NOT deserve to have such a **** farming method
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