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By Anonymous
Where can I find this?
By Anonymous
Nobody knows, It is said to exist, but no one found it yet
By Anonymous
Giant Conguering Hero's Grave - Quick farm and repeat sequence just inside the grace - you have to kill a monk and 2 blacked-out gremlins (leap off the ledge past the monk, then lead the gremlins into light and kill them).

Then the watchdog (also blacked out) is at the bottom of the steps. To kill him, just lead the cat-dog murderbeast into the light circle - it will stagger him so you can get in a few cheap hits - then back off and time his attacks to kill him. I hate these beasts, but this made me get better at dealing with them (even if I still hate them).

You can get it decently fast, but can accellerate the drop rate by raising arcane (which is tied to discovery), and putting on items to increase discovery.

I put on silver scarab , and silver tear mask to increase item drop, and used silver fowl feet - took 6 times killing the cat before it dropped (and three fowl feet cause I forgot and teleported back to grace twice like a dumbass), but I got it fairly fast that way.

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By Anonymous
How to get it??
By Anonymous
where is it >:[
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You can farm this in Giants' Mountaintop Catacombs, take the first elevator down, step on it again and get off quickly and take it again to go down. There will be a shrine of marika where you can farm the greatsword version and staff version.
By Anonymous
I've been doing this for about 2 hours. I must horrible RNG. Even using Silver Fowl foot
By Anonymous
giants' mountaintop catacombs, take the lift down, hit the pad again, get off quickly and take it down after. There will be a statue of marika where you can farm him.
By Anonymous
What moveset has this weapon? Like zweihander? can put ashes of war on it?
By Anonymous
Anyone know the passive?
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