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By Anonymous
Dude this zone is ****ing cancerous, wrf is with that absolutely ridiculous sudden increase in difficulty going from everywhere leading up to the putrid avatar + 2 haligtree knights fight, to everything after that? Its likely playing an entirely different ****ing game, I feel like it just jumps suddenly from expecting around lol 130-150 to expecting rl 300+, every single enemy suddenly goes from maybe getting 1 or 2 easily dodged hits while stagger lock em and deal reasonable damage, to being a constantly aggressive nightmare of multiple damage types, infinite poise, and ridiculous damage reduction, either by being a 'hardened' enemy or having a great shield and an infinite stamina pool... seriously needed to smooth that transition out way more. And don't even get me started on revenants.
By Anonymous
lol dude, you can literally just run across the beams avoiding the ballistas, then drop down behind the putrid avatar and grab the Inner Wall grace, and there's no reason at all to drop to the lower level with the revenants unless you really need to grab Marika's Soreseal, the rest of the loot down there is garbage, but if you insist on fighting absolutely everything, heal incants 2 shot the revenants and Giant Hunt will 2-3 shot the Cleanrot and Haligtree Knights, this is an area that rewards strategy and stealth over brute force
By Anonymous
One hundred percent needs a smoother transition. Sure you can just run past everything, grabbing sites of grace, and eventually finding Melania. But then you aren't really playing the game at that point, you're just getting it over with. Elphael and Elden Beast are the two glaring weak points in an otherwise exceptional game. Far more tedious than fun.
By Anonymous
You're overselling the difficulty by a long way. Nothing at Elphael has infinite poise. Only crucible knights and battlemages of human type mobs can poise through anything you throw at them then one or two shot you. Yes revenants are c**ts, we all know that but we also know heal or summoning Therolina shreds them. BOTH avatars can be killed with ranged attacks from an elevation where they wont be able to land a single hit on you with the homing gold bolts. If you are wading in, shield in one hand sword in the other thinking you can fight them all head on, more fool you.
By Anonymous
How i fight here: oprah winfrey's "EVERYBODY GETS x!!" gif, but it's me spamming Giantsflame Take Thee
By Anonymous
Welcome to hell.
By Anonymous
Not sure if it’s intentional, but the patrolling putrid avatar guarding the lords tube dropped two rotten staffs for me. One plopped in my inventory and the other was a drop from the corpse.
By Anonymous
I got two of them as well, but the "rotten" part of their description is right. With that weight I don't think I'll be seeing them duel wielded by gank squad butt buddies any time soon.
By Anonymous
Why does everyone hate this area? I understand the op enemies but with my Str/Int build i mostly wrecked the enemies (i came to this area before i even killed maliket), had 45 vigor and the only thing that almost one shotted me were the 2 knights with the avatar and the tree spirit (which i died more to malenia, btw), and did malenia second try with +10 starscourge greatsword! If i were to say it might be my 4th favourite place in the game (along with farum azula, liurnia, nokron and Leyndell)
By Anonymous
I liked Liurnia, Nokron and Nokstalla a lot as well, the underground sky over the latter two was breathtaking.
By Anonymous
Nice humblebrag.
By Anonymous
This areas pretty easy for my mage.. Int 90..
By Anonymous
Did Malenia over with starscourge greatsword? You mean the sword Radahn failed to do her over with? bollocks.
By Anonymous
We should have the option to burn this ****, not a single area in this game has inspired more hatred in me than this stupid tree.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Anon 05 Dec, No, this place is objectively worse
By Anonymous
Remember when you could go through an endgame area with endgame Vigor and be able to wear robes and be ok? Yeah, not anymore. Now you gotta wear that ugly AF heavy armor because if you don’t, have fun being oneshotted.
By Anonymous
Welcome to the Haligtree.
By Anonymous
nah, you don't need full Veterans/Bullgoat set, the biggest threats in this area are holy damage and scarlet rot, if you wear robes with strong holy defense/immunity and a dragoncrest talisman you'll be fine
By Anonymous
What level are you? I'm liking the HaligTree a lot (except that one swamp)
Armour doesn't do **** to help here, just block and dodge well and AVOID the revenants

I came here as level 169 and am now level 180 ready to **** Malenia up. And it's been a while since I encountered enemies in this game that felt fair like almost everyone here except for the Ulcerated Tree *** and that one Putrid Avatar
By Anonymous
There are only two sets of really ugly heavy armour one is the fire prelate armour, I'm convinced the chest piece and part of the helm were modelled on Sandra one of the Fat Slags from the Viz comic in the early 90s the other is the godskin noble set, if you put on the chest piece and play with the camera for a close up of the back it looks like it was made from a god's hairy arsehole. No really, try it to see but don't forget the stupid banana hat you see mage builds wear after beating Rennala.
By Anonymous
AVOID the revenants?! My man, use Lord's Heal on them and watch them lose half their health and get staggered after the first spell cast, then watch them get destroyed after the second spell cast!
-> Flawless victory everytime.
By Anonymous
This area gets a lot easier once you realise almost every enemy here is incredibly weak to fire damage
By Anonymous
Yeah? I use volcano pots, I have high enough STR to make their scaling pay off well. The DoT they do ticks away nicely slowing most enemies down enough to take big damage in their AoE before I throw the next one but try to kill the cleanrot knights here with them and "easier" wont be the first thing that springs to mind for you, it'll be more along the lines of "oh f**k" just before it kills you.
By Anonymous
Try Flame of the Redmanes, on a maxed weapon it can 2-shot the Cleanrot Knights even on a non-strength focused build
By DrXian
the crystalians and the knights are very resistant to fire.. luckly not the damn pests..
By Anonymous
the painful route between prayer room and the grace 10KM after.
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