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By Anonymous
Triggering the putrid UTS near Millicent's summon sign to spawn then running straight up the branch as far as the fork where none of its attacks can reach you still works. Good work from Anon 5th May 07:31.
By Anonymous
The Putrid Avatar near Elphael Inner Wall grace can be easily cheesed with volcano fire pot from grace position, each pot can do like 1k damage to it without pot talismans. Just sharing my knowledge. Hope this help.
By Anonymous
imma be straight up. I ****ing hate this place.
By Anonymous
The Lesser Cleanrot Knights will drop all parts of their armor, not just the Helm.

I got the full suit with the Silver Scarab talisman and a few reloads.
By Anonymous
Alot of underleveled ppl complaining about this area in the comments. Ive died a few times like any new area but no enemies are hard.. Maybe revs. That's literally it.. Other then them its not bad.
By Anonymous
The weapon art on the lion greatbow with Radahn's spear great-arrows and arrow's reach talisman will shred both rotten tree avatars from the upper walkway without them being able to land a single hit from spamming the homing golden darts, it also makes the knights and the ballistas at the northern end of the walkway easy to kill with manual aim and at no risk to yourself.
The weapon art on Bolt of Gransax makes short work of the cleanrot knights scattered around as long as you know where they are and have enough distance / time for two fully charged casts.
The crystalians are a headache if you want all the loot but 'the flame of frenzy' incantation can stagger and hit them hard where lightning and fire incantations do very little damage, combo it with the weapon art on the blasphemous blade and they are defenceless against it. Taker's flames will knock them on their arse, start a full charged cast of 'flame of frenzy' and it will hit them just as they stand up it really f**ks their s**t up. I'm happy to take the madness damage burst from spamming it as long as I have enough flasks or the blasphemous blade / taker's cameo equipped.
Everyone knows the revenants are absolute c**ts of the highest order and about the heal incantation's AoE, but I think the revenants at Elhpael are a little different at least to those in shaded castle and in Selllia hideaway. I was easily able to kill those by throwing volcano pots down on them from an elevated position but I just tried doing it to the revenant closest to the inner wall grace and it teleported up onto the concrete beam I was standing on. I just about s**t a brick when I heard it screech behind me then hit me with the poison, I was just lucky I was on the lower end otherwise I'd have been well f**ked. As it was I just made it to the grace for the reset before the poison got me. I don't think they can teleport to your location no matter where you are but don't take it for granted.
By Anonymous
If you drop down into the Revenants' area from the white mist door end (where Marika's Soreseal is), they're pretty easy. You're allowed a Spirit Ash summon (upgraded Mimic Tear can take a lot of their aggro) as a distraction while you sneak up with a Heal incant AoE. Even without the summon, from the door end most of them will spawn facing away from you, so you can still sneak and Heal.
By Anonymous
trt fire
By Anonymous
Surely I'm not the only person that thinks the run through the treetop section with the bubble spamming Envoys, magic spamming Battle Mages and the Loretta fight is way harder than anything you find here, with the exception of Malenia herself ofc?
By Anonymous
No, I thought I had it all worked out with the bolt of gransax weapon art. But I didn't account for the forward momentum when its cast, it worked well for the first one or two, knocking them off the tree but I died three times by overshooting the branch I was standing on and falling with the envoys I had just hit. The lion greatbow with arrow's reach and Radahn's spear great-arrows is much safer, it also shreds the spiritcaller snails and the battle mages, they can poise through any melee attack I tried on them, much safer to kill from range.
By Anonymous
Loretta was easier than everything else. Dont even get down to the room where you find three crystalians and 7-8 grafted scions
By Anonymous
Treetop area is easy after a few runs u get it down perfectly.. It WAS my fave place to grind..the Entire tree all the way down to Loretta.. I'm a mage so the magic spell that summons a blue glowing greatbow destroys the bubble dudes with ease.. Comet destroys that fat ones in like 4 shots... I have 90 intel. The battlemages near Loretta have a range on their spells less then your range. If ur a low lvl melee this area might be cancer tho
By Anonymous
Maybe my characters overleveled but im int 90.. Bubble dudes die to magic spell blu glowing greatbow in one shot from insane range. Fat bubble dudes get 4 comets or 1 comet azure. Lol i love grinding here
By Anonymous
Bubble dudes get one shot by my magic blue glowing greatbow. Fat bubble dudes get 4 hits of comet or 1 comet azure.. I love this place..
Int 90
By Anonymous
The black knife armour under the steps up to the waygate that takes you to the tree allows for stealth to get you past them all, but I used assassin's gambit AND black knife armour to get down the branch that has a giant envoy right in front of you as you descend and it didn't notice me.
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