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By Anonymous
This evokes the boxier DS1 style armor, and I'm all for it
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By Arthurice
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Wear with Omensmirk Mask + Bullgoat Talisman to get 101 Poise. Don't forget your Dogskin Shield and Bass Cannon, become Legendary.
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By Grim_Reaper
Remove the cape to have some S tier fashion.
By Anonymous
walmart giants armor
By Anonymous
Drip is the only stat that should matter.
By Anonymous
What race are the Tree Sentinels?
By Anonymous
This is a really nice set. The engraving detail on it is jaw dropping, I like the beast champion armour with a different helm and the unaltered banished knight chest armour as well.
By Anonymous
I obviously don't know who wrote out the directions for making the chariots crash. But following the steps given here is possibly the most complicated and unnecessary way you could go about it.
You don't need to follow any of the directions given here to get the TS armour. If you have Margit's or Mohg's shackle, which you should by the time you get to this dungeon, all you need to do is use it once maybe halfway down the first ramp then forget about it. When you get far enough into the dungeon the chariots will spawn then almost immediately crash into each other. That's it, you automatically get the armour and the holy ground AoW as well, it isn't looted from where the chariots crash.
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By RoxasTheEpic
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If you're not fond of the helm, a fun little aesthetic 'bug' is that you can wear the unaltered Cleanrot Helm with this set, but it will appear as the altered version w/o the reduced stats. The CRH looks insanely identical (material-wise) as the TS set, and provides only slightly less damage reduction (Exception of Pierce; They're tied.) with an equally slight weight reduction of 1.7.
By Anonymous
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