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By Anonymous
So far the physical defence stats are pretty much equal with Radahn’s, but offers slightly different elemental. The only other heavy set I’ve been able to find that has better defence and poise is the Bullgoat set. Unfortunately I killed Rykard before even meeting patches so he was dead when I went to his cave already, and everybody is now leaving the manor. Resulting in having to grab it in NG+. Damn
By Anonymous
The Fire Prelate set is very heavy with high defense stats as well.
By Anonymous
I was in the same situation as you. I think Lionel's set is basically the 2nd best armor for defence and poise.
By Anonymous
I was in the same situation as you. I think Lionel's set is the best 2nd armor defense and poise.
By Anonymous
Veteran's set is slightly better physically, but falls off very slightly elemental as well. Essentially on par with one another.
By Anonymous
I tried the bullgoat but honestly there is not much difference in defense, and it's way heavier, and my elden bling told me to go back to this set, so I did.
By Anonymous
In Auriza Hero's Grave, run past the first chariot into the center where the second chariot spawns , you will be safe in the middle. when the second chariot goes up, immediately follow it, hugging the right wall to find a safe spot. when it goes down, run up and take a right and head down the ramp, fall into the right/left safety spots in the middle. the chariot will follow you and smash into the other two that are there, destroying all 3 and rewarding the armor.
By mrfancypants
I added a video link that shows what you're talking about.
By Anonymous
Link seems to be broken and produces a 404 error.
By Anonymous
Wrong pic for armor
By Anonymous
No, it's right.
By Anonymous
The cape less pic is the altered version.
By Anonymous
Elden BLING.
By Anonymous
And here I thought I was the only one! It does look like Velstadt's set from Dark Souls 2.
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By DrunkedOwl
It kinda looks like a melt between havel's and velstald
By Anonymous
By Daevectus
By Anonymous
Try this helm instead
By Anonymous
I love wearing this set. I just wish I could have the same horse.
By Anonymous
horse armour DLC when, fromsoft?
By Anonymous
Same, the same horse would increase chadness to god levels.
By Anonymous
Can I also get this horse armor please?
By Anonymous
I legit hope that horse armor is part of the DLC.
By Anonymous
the legend never dies, i will revive giant dad once more!!!! anyone got ideas for an ash of war for the zwihander?
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