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By Anonymous
Anyone found this yet?
By Anonymous
Yes. In room with door to boss guarded by the giant are spaces in corners to jump down. Be wary of strong enemy below.
By Anonymous
Does this affect Catch Flame? It looks like it should be in the same 'family' as the Giants' Flame incantations, but its description doesn't mention giants and there's no Fire Monk sigil that shows up while spellcasting it.
By Anonymous
I believe spells like Catch Flame, and Flame Slinger are both Church spells, basically. Since Corhyn sells them. Fire Giant spells are considered heresy. Essentially the starting spells don't fall under any family. They are designed to be replaced. When you get a seal that improves a factions spells, you'll likely use those spells.
By Anonymous
Has anyone discovered a way to get to the mountaintop without defeating morgott first? It kinda sucks that the dedicated pyromancer seal is found 3/4 into the game.
By Anonymous
I mean, the Godslayer Incantations are a type of Pyromancy, and the Godslayer Seal is easier to get, with pretty great scaling.
There is no way to reach Consecrated Snowfield without fighting Morgott, because it's only reachable through taking the Lift of Rold.
By Anonymous
Morgott is not that far into the game if you do just the optional stuff. I've already made several PvP characters and all of them are in the Mountaintops for +18 bell bearing. You just need 2 demigods, an optional boss to enter Altus plateau (or use 1 of the other 2 ways to get there bossless), Draconic Tree Sentinel, Godfrey and Morgott. It takes under 4 hours and I'm no speedrunner.
By Anonymous
This is in the Giant Conquering Hero's Cavern, just before the boss room there's a hallway with 2 sides that you can jump down - it's on the bottom floor

There's a flame priest once you go down, the Giant's seal is just on the corpse so you can just grab it and TP out of the dungeon
By Anonymous
Good info, though you can't fast travel out of dungeons.
By Anonymous
Can someone test to see if this works with the non blackflame incantations?
By Anonymous
I tested. And by tested I mean I'm capable of reading. And with that knowledge. I can confirm it only boosts Giant flame incants.
By Cryoge
Regretfully, I have not noted down the respective stats, but on +22 they are: phy: 41 / Inc-Sca: 259 / (Str:D/Fai:S).
By Anonymous
how much faith did you have.
By Anonymous
Does this boost the damage of Fire Monk incantations as well?
By Anonymous
it boosts everything except catch flame and flame sling. (and godslayer stuff too of course)
considering brother corhyn sells them naturally perhaps those two are actually considerd erdtree school

It also appears to be closer to a 20% buff than the standard 10% so the slightly lower incant scaling shouldn't be an issue
By Anonymous
Difference between Giant's Seal and Gravel Stone Seal is pretty minimal, within 5-8 spell of each other; considering how powerful Giantsflame is, it's worth leveling this after you've increased the Gravel Seal for Ice Lightning and Lightning Spear use
By Anonymous
doesn't seem like this one is very good compared to the godslayer's seal