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By Anonymous
You can use the skill freely by parrying your own Discus of Light spell.
Discus of Light = 3 FP
Golden Retaliation = 4 FP
Surely, it's not much effective in real combat, but you can spend 7 FP for depleting a half of enemies' hp bar in one hit which is insane.
By Anonymous
its actually really good in pvp
By Anonymous
Can't block night spells because they weren't op enough already i guess
By Anonymous
its a shame that the game's best spell spam defense is restricted to str builds. the black hole spell doesn't really cut it.
By Anonymous
Carian Retaliation wants to know your location
By Anonymous
I have a question
If cast a spell and the opponent parry it with this the upcoming spell back from this shield may I could parry it again with carian retaliation for example or not ?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I love this shield because it can't counter night comet so it is an easy one-shot for me everytime I see someone using that shield.
By Anonymous
its fast enough to compete with moonveils insane speed, one of the few ways to deal with it in a gank scenario
By Anonymous
How does this interact with the carian meele spells? Can it "parry" slicer and piercer?
By Anonymous
Using this against Radagon/EB, I'm pretty sure i still take full damage from all of his holy attacks despite the "blocked" animation. Feature of the boss, or is that holy negation a lie?
By Anonymous
Maybe you're being hit by the aura that comes up out of the ground under your feet?
By Anonymous
Damage should be scaling with player stats.
By Anonymous
The most reliable way for pure physical builds to defend themselves against magic. The fth requirement is practically not even there, just put on some faith boosting gear and you're all set. Only need a minimum of 20 str (if two handing) which is a little inconvenient but still manageable for dex builds.
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