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By EvilUnicornLord
The range can be buffed with the Arrow's Reach talisman but Arrow's Sting has no effect.
By Anonymous
No wonder mages only spam glintstone pebble, slicer, or bestial sling/catch flame. Anything slower and a pure melee tank can run away and do more damage with beast roar and thunder bolt without any sacrifices to armor/vigor. If melee builds get the most damaging, spammiest spells then mages need to use the fastest, safest spells that can’t be punished.
By Anonymous
You got downvoted by morons. I was literally having the same thought process today. No wonder it’s almost only glintstone pebble spam and light rolling away. Strength builds have better, spammier spells that can’t be blocked by BoG or erdtree great shield.
By Anonymous
It's sadly a common theme for Ashes of War to be better than most spells. Just look at the ash version of honed bolt compared to the spell version.
By Anonymous
Max cast speed comet is the same speed, does double the damage, and true combos into itself for a guaranteed one shot if you hit
By Anonymous
If you like this ash but don’t like being obnoxious, use an off hand cross bow. You can also apply status easily thru triple crossbow. If mages specifically are your problem, 10 fth minimum for fortification buffs which apply easily in combat. If you dive into them, the mage will run and then you cast fortification while they panic roll. Throwing knives interrupt 0 poise mages and do solid damage to unarmored opponents. And kukri blood loss is so satisfying, especially in mages. Kukri will also punish melee range misses you don’t want to commit to.
By Anonymous
I swear monkeys are the ones using beast roar and then down voting level headed suggestions.
By Anonymous
If I could only find a guy with an *** like that.
By Anonymous
I'm right here.
By Anonymous
I just got two-shot by it with ~1800hp. What happened here? ô_o
By Anonymous
Bug hats, soreseals, and scorpion charms increase your received damage. Using any combination of those in late game pvp can be pretty dangerous, since players deal a lot of damage. Beast roar also happens to benefit from a bunch of buffs (golden vow, flame grant me strength) and equipment (roar medallion, highland axe, alexander/jar shard).

A very optimized beast roar build against a suboptimal build is a rough fight.
By Anonymous
I can see in the comments its not a popular AoW in PVP. Does it have any use in PVE though? I'm also wondering if it was nerfed in the last patch? I tried it out on godrick soldiers and was doing less than 100 points of damage to them.
By Anonymous
Are you using it on the correct build? Won't do much damage on an unupgraded weapon without dex.
By Anonymous
You can improve its damage with buffs (golden vow, flame grant me strength) and equipment (roar medallion, jar/alexander shard, off hand or primary highland axe). Unless you're running a dex build, this is better for ranged utility than damage. It can interrupt smaller enemies and has solid range.
By Anonymous
It is literally so oppressive that it shuts down all mage counterplay, I don’t care what anybody says, this isn’t fun or fair in the slightest, because it completely negates most of the spells in the game, the amount of investment a mage character has to put into building their character and getting their spells versus one random guy who just slaps this on and completely throws all that out of the window, not exactly fair is it? It’s like stars of ruin, but that **** takes a load of fp, isn’t chain castable, has a noticeable tell, and can be stopped by anti magic stuff, this dosent have any of that, it can be pulled out at random, is super quick, takes barely any fp and is easily spammible.
By Anonymous
You are right. It’s always been cheese in my eyes but started playing a new mage and it was a real eye opener. They get 60 vigor, armor and a long poking weapon and can speak when THEY are the ones running from me, a puny little mage.
By Anonymous
mages are terrible at the game lol
By Anonymous
Yes ,spamming magic from a distance is fair game
By Anonymous
Swift pebble is faster. Swordseries shuts down range builds. And my mage build has 100+ poise. Barrier of gold on another hand has 0 counterplay
By Anonymous
I love how everyone knows this is Op, unfair and unfun but refuse to have the conversation about nerfs because we enjoy griefing with it more.
By Anonymous
I die a little every time a duel devolves into... whatever this is. It’s always when someone is losing they switch to this, thunderbolt, RKS or flame strike. And you know exactly what weapon they put it on, I don’t even have to say.
By Anonymous
You're probably a filthy mage, aren't you?
By Anonymous
I don't do PVP so you can't leave me hanging like that. what exact weapon is it on? I don't know what RKS is either?
By Anonymous
Lemme guess flame strike on banished knight halberd, glintstone pebble on epee, RKR on stitcher/zwei and beast roar on a whip/great sword collosal sword.... people in this game have no originality
By Anonymous
I think it should be noted that while it is ranged, this AoW deal a good bit less damage when at its max distance and increases as you get closer. I will do more testing but tested with a +25 giant crusher. At max distance i was doing 389 but when i got almost in the giant land squirts face i did 509. I did have the roar medallion on and other things but it might be that attacks like this deals less damage at greater distance.
By Anonymous
ive been playing with the Ash of War all week but cant see any evidence that its damage falls off due to range. I have noticed that it has a small AoE on impact and the AoE portion of the damage will hit for less.
By chillypheese
" At max distance i was doing 389 but when i got almost in the giant land squirts face i did 509."

When you attack an opponent in the head it deals more damage. This skill does the same damage regardless of distance you were just getting head shots.
By Anonymous
I think it depends on how much of the projectile hits the opponent. I have seen it hit dead on for a way higher value than a glancing hit. Not as bad as pest threads but it appears to me like a direct hit does a lot more damage.
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