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By Anonymous
It says it’s a reward from the 3rd death root, but it’s the 4th.
By Anonymous
Giving Gurranq a third deathroot rewards the Bestial Vitality spell, not this.
By Anonymous
It is 4th deathroot, not 3rd
By Anonymous
This doesn’t feel that great to use in pve..
By Anonymous
The text says "giving him the third Deathroot"
This is incorrect you get this after the forth one. You get bestial vitality with the third deathroot.
By Anonymous
So why the heck does this allow you to scale with dex if the whole idea for the rest of the build with these spells is to scale with strength?
By Anonymous
you can change the scaling with the iron whetblade item to, for example, heavy.
this way you can make alot of weapons scale with STR while also using Ashes of War that would normally give you keen like this one here.
By Anonymous
not very strong
By Anonymous
probably the most obnoxious thing in gank pvp
By Anonymous
so for some reason i used to skill next to Gurranq, Beast Clergyman and now he attacks me i didnt attack him or anything just used it in the sanctum. i guess i cant get all the skills now :(
By Anonymous
That's supposed to happen at some point once you give him enough deathroot, try hitting him for maybe a quarter of his HP and he should go back to normal. If not, then try absolving with the pope turtle.
By Anonymous
This is part of the mechanic, as you give him yhe 4th deathroot he attacks you, just hit him enough and he'll go back to normal.
By Anonymous
I just learned that this is supposed to happen. If fighting him doesn’t work, requesting absolution is pretty easy. Just go to the vendor east of the Church of Vows and buy the dew for 7500 souls
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