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By Anonymous
this game is cosmic horror disguised as fantasy and i love it
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I might be barking up the wrong tree here, but it seems to me that rather than Melina being the Gloam-Eyed Queen, she could be the child of Marika and the Gloam-Eyed Queen. Stranger things have happened! Godwyn let Fortissax live, after all. Maybe Marika let her live, and because they're strange gods who can do strange things like meld into one, maybe it's possible she had child with her.
By Anonymous
Eclipse Crest Greatshield: "The eclipsed sun, drained of color, is the protective star of soulless demigods. It aids the mausoleum knights by keeping Destined Death at bay." I think there is evidence to suggest that the eclipsed sun is itself an Outer God, or vassal of one? I think there is an extrapolation that can be made to even suggest that an Outer God is using Godwyn's corpse as a vassal; not unlike Malenia. This could possibly give credence to the eclipsed sun being an Outer God since we know Miquella attempted to return Godwyn's soul to his body during the eclipse as Castle Sol.
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I think that the Elden Beast is the embodiment of the greater will. Therefore, the God itself. Can you see how other gods are scheming against it? Bringing it's demise, with different endings. In the end, I think that the outer gods were originally there, they united against it. Dragons, giants and all. I think the principal antagonists there, are the outer-space gods linked to the stars and sorceries, and the greater will. Unwanted.
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Wouldn't the Dragon Lord just be the Elden Beast's consort? It makes sense that it is missing if it got stuck in a tree. Elden Beast hosts the elden ring, is considered a God under the Greater Will, and looks kinda dragon like. I could see how they would be partners.
By Anonymous
Perhaps, but I had assumed that the Elden beast was only in a corporeal form because the ring was shattered and Marika/Radagon wasn't being a good vessel.
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i ship
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Unrelated but why does deicide come up so much in popular Japanese media like Souls and MegaTen? Is this the normal attitude in Asian mythology or something?
By Anonymous
Yes. In Japanese Mythology the creators of the realm Izanagi and izanami had to kill each other. Due to their godhood they failed to do so. The Wife was sealed in "hell" while the Husband reigned over the realm of Gods and Mortals. It is a intricate story about betrayal.
By Anonymous
I think it's just a popular theme, and because it's popular it gets reused a lot
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if you level up you have to kill greater things, if begins with a wolf then a troll then a dragon and the a demon king and at that point you can only really kill a evil god a evil that became god or a evil so great that even god cant beat it, so its a natural consequence of grinding and leveling its growing stakes its power creep rather than any dislike for god its just that only a god would make a worthy prey for a max level player
By Anonymous
Hope the DLC explores more of these concepts and allows you to hunt them down.
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