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If you prefer keeping your distance and like D.O.T., Death's Poker. If you prefer up close, Helphen's Steeple.
By Anonymous
This shiz is one of the sickest looking swords in any video game ever.
By Anonymous
I feel like the damage when applying the buff should be doubled.
By Anonymous
Infinite jest reference?
By Anonymous
I leveled int to 22 just to use this thing and the crystal sword
By Anonymous
I wish you got this earlier. As it stands, you’ll usually have a +9 weapon, and if you’re using magic, you’re either using DMGS, Alabaster Lord Sword, Royal Greatsword, or Moonveil which you can all get much earlier than this.

Same thing happened in DS3, the Onyx Sword was basically an endgame item. I guess it’s fine for NG+ but for a straight run you probably won’t use this unless you go out of your way to majorly upgrade it.
By Anonymous
Wing of astel is pretty good int weapon
By Anonymous
At least for onyx blade you could go to the dlc really soon, and with the astora gs (which you got in that same area) you could spam charged 2h R2s and perma knock down vilhelm for an easy kill to get the weapon. i've done it before, and it's really nice to have, especially since you can reclass right after getting it to get the stats you need for it.
By Anonymous
Is this thing better than dmgs post buff or still slightly worse?
By Anonymous
AR is consistently higher now post buff by about 50 with similar str/int values.
By Anonymous
We're definitely going to go to the Deadworld in the DLC and the grace will be recolored red
By Anonymous
Or maybe it could be a ghost flame lantern
By Anonymous
Mmmm Big Morion Blade
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