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By Anonymous
Does this work with axe talisman
By Anonymous
Nope. Godfrey Icon, Shard of Alexander and (maybe) Magic Scorpion Charm will affect it, though.
By Anonymous
Does anyone know if its damage scales from Int, or by total weapon damage? E.g. if you put this on a Brick Hammer, could you use the STR scaling alone to do damage?
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By Stephetheon
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Ice Spear scales exclusively with DEX and INT, so I would assume that this weapon skill is similar
By Anonymous
Wish there was a faith alternative to this.
By Anonymous
Why no hyper armor? WHY WHY WHYYYYY?!
By Anonymous
Medium hi poise DMG... Kinda slow, medium high damage... But man this thing has style. Highly recomended
By Anonymous
I wish this ash of war could be placed on staves. I'm sick of the spin :/
By Anonymous
Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats, ho!
By Anonymous
this right here is the carian obliterator. comet azur be damned, this will cleave anything in twain
By Anonymous
If this scales with weapon upgrade level and int scaling, then it should do more damage on a weapon with high int scaling like the longsword or shortsword or Rogiers rapier, but wich one would be the best?
By Anonymous
Damage would be maxed at max level upgrade with high investment into int. Ex: any weapon max lvl same int, should equal same damage
By Anonymous
In case you felt like using a Monster Hunter greatsword in this game.