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By Anonymous
Sword has a unique heavy attack. Good for pressing forward since it moves you a good bit instead of the standard heavy slash from straight swords.
By Anonymous
Damn this thing is beautiful. Shame I'm still in Liurnia, this seems like a long way from me.
By Anonymous
is the stat scaling only as high as D and E confirmed despite the upgrades?
By Anonymous
Damn, this is near the end. Has anyone found a waygate that can allow someone to skip to it?
By Anonymous
Seems like scaling is trash. unless that +10 is wrong
By Anonymous
I���m doing over 600 AR at +10

60 faith, about 25 dex and str
By Anonymous
don't forget it has a built in buff
By Anonymous
very confused as at +9 the game says it has d/d/d scaling and all of the said scaling is worse than the +9 epitaph, the only difference being that this weapon has much higher base physical damage. While it does have a beam attack for a pure quality build or even a paladin build, unless you want your weapon to be more physical damage-oriented then I would suggest the epitaph as strictly better for pure ar and scaling.
By Anonymous
Saber's Excalibur
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Absolutely love this sword. The design is gorgeous and it hits like a truck. My favourite weapon in the game along with the Carian Knight sword.
By Anonymous
Yup, hits like a truck alright... if the truck had its parking brakes on.
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