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By Anonymous
This should have had way more rot buildup. Two attacks with the antspur rapier does more rot buildup, plus its buffable.
By Anonymous
What bothers me is that putrid avatars *don't use Erdtree Slam* - when they ground pound in combat it isn't holy damage, instead a bunch of corrosive scarlet diarrhea sprays out from underneath them.

However, I can see why they didn't make that its Ash of War.
By Anonymous
I believe both putrid avatars in Elphael have a chance of randomly dropping this, on top of the first one always dropping it. The one that normally has this as a guaranteed drop just gave me two of them, instead of the usual one.
By Anonymous
confirming this, just had a second one drop from the corpse after the first guaranteed drop happened
By Anonymous
If you're optimizing for butt slam damage, use the other staff.
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By Stephetheon
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I've seen this drop randomly as a cooperator on two separate occasions.
By Anonymous
Honestly strange, staff of the avatar has B tier faith scaling and A tier strength scaling, this weapon has rot but just doesnt get the same numbers as staff of the avatar in the end, should have A tier str aswell with maybe C tier faith scling?
By Anonymous
You found the point. They trade off damage for rot.
By Anonymous
Kind of fun offhand w the antspur, you can surpise ppl with it if youre patient enough. Not a stellar weapon generally speaking.