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By Anonymous
Anyone knows where to find this ?
By Anonymous
Its in the haligtree city, you need to kill the erdtree demon to your right outside the prayer room
By Anonymous
In the city near the haligtree, you need to kill the demon to the right outside the prayer room bonfire
By Anonymous
Anyone know where to get this? Can't find anything about it online
By Anonymous
Dropped by erdtree avatar just outside Elphael inner wall grace. Possibly random loot.
By Anonymous
Dropped for me first kill.
By Anonymous
I believe it is random. I just killed the Erdtree Avatar outside Elphael Inner Wall and all I got is a Lord's Rune. Also the Avatar doesn't respawn. There is another in the Haligtree on a bridge, so maybe that one will drop it.
By Anonymous
Miquella's Haligtree Prayer Room Grace Outisde on the left is an Minor Erd Tree on a bridge drops when killed, can be cheesed if you drop 1 floor and use range attacks.
By Anonymous
There seems to be a guaranteed drop from the Avatar on the bridge below the Prayer Room grace. I got two from this Avatar, one gave me the Unique item drop pop up.
By Anonymous
I second this
By Anonymous
Can drop 2 staffs! Confirmed!
By Anonymous
I can also confirmed one was added to my inventory and the second was a drop to be picked up
By Anonymous
Happened to me as well
By Anonymous
Weapon skill: erdtree slam deals very low damage on my STR build....
By Anonymous
Same at 45 strength it deals about 70 dmg on a direct hit though its the same at any range of the slam hitbox. i think there's a bug with the direct hit hitbox atm causing it to not show up at all.
By Anonymous
I think that might be because the original ert tree slam art is taking from the other version which is a faith weapon so it might primarly scale off faith depsite the fact this weapon doesnt have faith scaling.
By Anonymous
The other staff's slam is also super weak, even on a faith build.
They're just bugged.
By Anonymous
I killed both putrid avatars in haligtree but only got one staff, one of them just gave me a rune and that's it, they don't respawn anymore
By Anonymous
The weapon art for Erd tree slam is bugged in this current patch, so both avatar staves have a useless weapon art.
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By Rising333
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its fixed post 1.03 and badass now
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