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By Anonymous
I can't do it......
By Anonymous
Anyone know a way to get it without killing the lovable bastard?
By Anonymous
Unfortunately not.
By Anonymous
Zero regrets acquiring this set. I've been pushed off one too many cliffs.

Though in my playthrough he never begged for mercy before dying....
By Anonymous
And now you can't get most protective set in the game! congrads
By Anonymous
Protective? Who cares? Light sets look better than heavy sets.
By Anonymous
Is is possible do get the set without killing patches?
By Anonymous
sadly there is not
By Anonymous
I can’t bring myself to kill Patches… He’s been a good friend to me over the years… Sure he’s pushed me off a few ledges, tried locking me in a tower, and gave me false hopes of treasure, but he always apologizes and sells me stuff, how can I kill a bald guy in such a lovable little squat?
By Anonymous
Bling is temporary, friendship is eternal *gets backstabed*
By Anonymous
where is this hood bro
By Anonymous
In the Sage's Cave
By Anonymous
I found myself with an extra pair of boots from this set at one point, I honestly don't know when I got them but it sure wasn't from Patches.
Makes me think you can find the set somewhere, likely as a drop. I sadly can't say where though.
By Anonymous
You may be mistaken. There's the Leather Boots, which are part of this set, and Leather Trousers which are a different item and are a part of the Iron Set.
By Anonymous
If it was a bit darker, he'd be history. I just wait until someone is willing to drop this for me so i can have it AND spare the little bastard.
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