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By Anonymous
It is me or this thing looks like an Ice Rapier? Oh boy
By Anonymous
This is DS2 2 after all
By Anonymous
When dual wielding swords, if this sword is in your left hand all attacks are unblockable.
By Anonymous
Just tested this on the Godrick greatshield bois, no longer the case.
By Anonymous
If it wasn't for the shoddy Holy element, this would've been the best basic attack weapon in the game. The DPS is insane when paired with Jellyfish Shield but it's useless against many enemies that are immune to Holy damage. :(
By Anonymous
There are no enemies that are completely immune to holy damage.
By Anonymous
by immune they mean extremely resistant as immune isn't the right word in these types of game unless they are bosses who aren't effected by certain stuff
By Anonymous
Can it be parried?
By Anonymous
Yes. Learned the hard way in pvp lol
By Anonymous
I’m pretty sure only with the rolling attack, could be wrong though.
By Anonymous
After a couple hundred hours of testing and cross-referencing my data with ancient bilingual experts, I’ve managed to “de-code” the coded sword.

The most basic translation reads;
“Low level powerstance go brrrrrrr”
By Anonymous
This is basically just a light saber and I'm all for it! Dual wielding them is awesome!
By Mido96
Easily one of top 3 straight swords. Why?
It's the longest straight sword along with Noble's and the damage is decent. Additionally, it goes through shields and not many people stack buffs against holy damage (contrary to physical damage).
By Anonymous
Does this really not have any anti-block percentage? Odd design choice for an "unblockable"-themed weapon.
By Anonymous
It deals 100% holy damage and there's no shield that can completely nullify it (unless with buffs maybe?), which means that this weapon is always going to deal the most damage to enemies with shields unless they have unusually high holy absorption/guard

On the other hand its Wepon Skill, called "Unblockable Blade" for a reason, is entirely unblockable AFAIK
By Anonymous
"The sword's shape, appearance, and purely Holy damage, as well as the effect that it "turns off" when sheathed is a direct reference to the Sunblade, a magical weapon from the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop RPG." yes i'm sure that was everyone's first thought, not that it's a lightsaber. everyone thought "this is the famous sunblade from the dungeons & dragons tabletop rpg, of course!"
By Anonymous
That's exactly what I thought. Since Curse of Strahd is so popular most DND players know of the sun blade and since it's holy damage and not fire damage, it seems more like the sunblade than a light saber
By Anonymous
It being a possible reference, and what people think when they see it, are two different things.
By Anonymous
I thought of a light-saber because I've never played D&D in my entire life.
By Anonymous
Well sunblades are inspired from lightsaber, but yeah this sword is closer to a sunblade than a lightsaber
By Anonymous
I was surprised how strong this was when I played someone wielding two in pvp and let them get a hit on me
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