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By Anonymous
I wish this had critical hit modifier. Parrying followups would make faith so much better.
By Anonymous
when it says can not be boosted with consumables does that include exalted flesh? I thought exalted flesh buffed the players attack power not the individual weapon being used at the time it is eaten? or am I wrong?
By Anonymous
Exalted Flesh buffs the players physical attack power only. Since this weapon and Cipher Pata deal pure holy damage, they do not benefit from Exalted Flesh.
By Anonymous
I think that means weapon grease, basically.
By Anonymous
Viable on a FTH/INT build since it gets full benefit from Sacred Scorpion which also buffs your Golden Order incants. FTH softcaps at 50 for AR and you don't gain much past that. Some numbers at 10+ :

FTH 50 AR: 493
FTH 80 AR: 546
FTH 50 AR/ w Sacred Scorpion: 552

Currently powerstancing this with Sword of Night and Flame in my offhand and two-handing SoNaF when I want to use its weapons arts. Been a fun playthrough and about to do ashen capital.
By Anonymous
I don't know if its the same for every weapon skill or ash of war, but I use a lordsworn's great sword with wild strikes, and if I have a seal in my left hand or a shield that has no skill I can use wild strikes without having to two-hand the great sword, try it yourself, hold a seal or nothing at all in your left hand and in the bottom left hand corner of the HUD the skill named there should be whatever skill is on the weapon in your right hand.
By Anonymous
I remember picking this up and thinking, "well it knockoff Thermic Lance but at least it with the ball park of the idea". Then i used it "wow this isn't even lazy Thermic Lance, wtf would i ever bother using this except in pvp against the theatrical player not running insta nuke builds"
By Anonymous
no way of acquiring it after burning the erdtree in Lyndell, Ashen Capital?
By Anonymous
New game+. Otherwise no way to get it.
By Anonymous
I just got it after already burning the tree
By Anonymous
You can still got it after burning the erdtree. When you warp to leyndell, capital of ash grace, just go to the right and climb the dragon to enter the roundtable like you did the first time.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Damn shame this pure holy sword doesn't vaporize skeletons or set abomination types on fire.
By Anonymous
oof, flame art/sacred erdsteel dagger does nearly the same damage as this at 99 faith, 12 dex and 9 str for both weapons max upgrade levels.
By Anonymous
Hey, I'm the guy from the post just below you. I'm here to correct your heavily skewed misinformation. Using the same setup as below and following your rules of base strength and dexterity with 99 faith on an Erdsteel Dagger, my listed AR comes out to 565, where 281 is physical damage and 284 is holy damage, leading to a total of 251 after defenses are calculated. Whereas Coded Sword at 99 faith deals 564 pure holy damage. This ends ups dealing 311 after defenses, but according to you the damage is nearly the same. I don't know if you are just making things up or don't understand that split damage is bad, but maybe do the math before you decide to make a misleading post. Thank you.
By Anonymous
Hey I'm the guy who made the post, how about you wind your neck in and get a life? Go touch some grass or touch some titties that aren't your mother's or your own?
By Anonymous
Tilted are we after getting called out on bs lol
By Anonymous
big virgin energy from the op lol
By Anonymous
This is some maidenless behavior right here
By Anonymous
I don't understand why so many people are saying this weapon is weak? In pvp at least, when compared to all the other contenders for a faith scaling straight sword, this one simply has the best AR after defenses, along with almost the best range out of any straight sword, only being beat by Noble's Slender Sword. To prove the damage, I tested a handful of different +10/25 sacred straight swords at 80 faith, base strength/dexterity on a sweaty tryhard build (White Mask, Veteran's Gear, 60 arcane, no soreseals) and this was the best in sheer damage. Here are the results:

Coded Sword: 298

Broadsword: 293

Longsword: 251

Noble's Slender Sword: 248

Golden Epitaph (No Buff): 272

Golden Epitaph (With Buff): 290

While some people may say that the weapon art holds it back, and that may be true for some people, the sword itself does more damage than the rest. I was surprised that broadsword didn't take the cake since it almost always out damages all other swords. The main takeaway is that just because another weapon may have a higher AR doesn't mean anything if it is split damage. This weapon dealing pure holy, even if it is listed less, will always do better than it's split damage counterparts, and this was against an arcane build with 187 natural holy defense, with another 25% holy reduction to top it off. It does NOT need S scaling to be good, because it is already really good.
By Anonymous
Did you put Sacred Blade on the other swords? They should completely decimate Coded Sword with the buff. At level 1 with a +0 Longsword I already get 263 AR with Sacred Blade which is more than you listed and almost as much as your end game Coded Sword.
By Anonymous
Anon 02, that isn't what I'm comparing at all. Yes, with the buff active all of these would outdamage Coded Sword, but Sacred Blade as an Ash of War simply isn't the best option when compared to using other Ashes of War, especially in pvp where this comparison is aimed at. If you want the best damage possible without always making using of a buff that lasts 20 seconds, there is no reason to use those others weapons. Sacred Blade as an Ash of War is too difficult to hit, does pitiful damage, and has such a short length of time it is active which makes it not very good for fighting another player. Also, I'm not talking about AR in the post, I'm talking about damage after defenses are taken into account. For example, the Coded Sword deals 546 damage on the listed AR, but after hitting somebody with 187 Holy Defense with an additional 25% negation it would deal 298, which is far more important to look at than the flat AR as the other swords are split damage.
By Anonymous
Just because all other melee weapons for faith are worse that doesn't make this one good. It's still a bad weapon. Straight swords in general are not good in Elden Ring given the lack of useful Ashes of War & meta above 50 poise.
By Anonymous
Sacred Blade buff doesn't last very long at all. If you run sacred blade the rest of the sword also has to have a good moveset
By Anonymous
Y'know I do see the irony in trying to fight God with a sword powered by loving Jesus but man, the revelation of healing Elden Beast with this hurt.
By Anonymous
What is wrong with you people?
By Anonymous
Blade is currently bugged. It turns off and become a bladeless stone hilt if you twohand your other weapon but if you use a weapon art light night and flame stance the blade stays fails to turn off and hovers from your off hand even though the hilt is at your side.
By Anonymous
Doesn't happen for me, I even tried it with Night and Flame specifically like you said.
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