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By Anonymous
So many bosses are resistant to holy attacks, im not sure why anyone should upgrade this weapon unless you go for pvp, but even then the aow is so slow that it can be dodged and punished frequently.
By Anonymous
if you powerstance this with another straight sword, even another coded sword, it shreds in pvp.
By Anonymous
"It's some form of Elvish, I can't block it."
By Anonymous
Bless you, for this.
By Anonymous
minor bug: despite doing pure holy damage, this weapon does not disintegrate skeletons on kills.
By Anonymous
Not a bug, only very specific weapons can permanently kill skeletons.
By Anonymous
That's not a bug. Only certain effects prevent skeleton revivals, and this ain't one of em
By Anonymous
How is a Sacred long sword better? At max upgrade 60 faith it only has 85 more AR but is it split so even though you have a higher AR you will be hitting for less damage unless you are attacking someone resistant to holy.
By Anonymous
This should absolutely be S scaling in FTH from LVL 7. No reason not to. With a pure faith build sacred longsword is objectively better than this and can have ashes of war. Needs a serious AR boost.
By Anonymous
Son, We need to talk split damage
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By MagnusVesper
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This is great to use in mines in place of a strike weapon
By Anonymous
dual wielding two of these +10 with 80 faith on ng+ and it SUCKS.
By Anonymous
Coded Sword sucks in pve as enemy resistances are usually weighted towards holy damage. In pvp, it does very good damage, even with the over saturation of arcane builds (arcane gives higher holy resist).
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Because players are unholy
By Anonymous
Because would Someone of Good Faith invade you?? no they would help you
By Anonymous
You can only get this in Royal Capital and not Ashen Capital. Just putting it out there for anyone who missed it.
By Anonymous
400 hours total, 4 characters, all endings, one NG+ run, missed it each and every time. Ask me if I want to kill myself.
By Anonymous
The AoW needs to come out a fair bit faster, period. As it stands, I literally have opponents triple panic rolling away from my face while still in range and still not roll catching.
By Anonymous
Guess what happened today!
By Anonymous
Holy crap, it’s so good now, hell yeah!
By Anonymous
One of the best main-hands for a pure faith build even if you focus Lightning or Fire ever since Fire infusions were part of a shared custody agreement with STR and Lightning infusions completely moved out to Dexterity's apartment. Now, if we could only get INT to stop texting our Holy spells...
By Anonymous
Bro **** INT
By Anonymous
I don't understand why the hell it doesn't go up to S scaling, holy damage isn't even really good against a lot of things. Even the base damage is kinda meh
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