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By Anonymous
No reason this isn't S scaling besides From soft dislikes faith in elden ring.
By Anonymous
Does perfectly serviceable damage at 80 Faith. Even if they gave it S scaling, they would just drop the base damage to compensate.
By Anonymous
Makes no sense for the guard boost to decrease from 29 to 27 at max level. Hopefully this bug (and similar for other weapons) is fixed
By Anonymous
I mean to be fair if you're blocking with any weapon you've most likely forgotten shields exist and will do much more as a defense than it. Even if said weapon may as well be a shield by design...
By Anonymous

ONLY the weapon art is unblockable; the R1, R2 and L1 (if duel wielding 2 of them).

Shields and greatshields will reduce incoming damage for everything but the weapon art — it is dependent on the affinity they have on the shield.

Tested on banished knight and the godrick knight enemies — did roughly 20% of damage I would’ve dealt without the enemies blocking.

So if enemy blocking: 0.2 x R1 or R2 damage output.
By Anonymous
It depends on what holy absorption does a shield have. Might be a fixed number for PvE enemies though.
By Anonymous
Woulda loved if this had the Dark Souls 3 ringed knight straight sword type deal where you could hold it to activate its elongated attacks but ah, a single swipe still does the job if a little slow
By martinlongbow
weapon art is deceptive, it looks like a long sword but misses most of the time. even for a faith build medicore at best. cipher pata v2. stay away
By Anonymous
Powerstancing these with 80 Faith in pvp are absolute monsters. They attack ridiculously fast and dish out very nice damage, while only wasting 5 weight units in the process. The weapon art is situational, but can deal nasty damage and forces your opponent to respect it, as it has a very wide area it can hit. If bleed infused straight swords weren't so good, I'd argue that using might be the best straight sword in the game.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By dialectiks
With pure a pure FTH build (10dex/10str/50fth), the Longsword (flame or sacred) is still better, unfortunately. 575AR vs 493 with Coded Sword. At 80 FTH it's 604 vs 456 AR.
So this sword is just.. worse? That's really sad, since this and Cipher Pata are pretty much the only pure FTH weapons in the game.
By Anonymous
Split damage. Test everything you mentioned and see how those ARs translate to actual damage.
By Anonymous
You have to consider split damage.
When a weapon does 150 physical and 150 fire, against an enemy with 10 phys defense and 40 fire, that weapon will do only 250 damage despite its 300 AR.
That same weapon if set to Heavy affinity may have 150 physical + 130 physical scaling for a total of 280, but that damage would only be reduced by the 10 phys defense for 270 damage.

The coded sword being 100% holy will only have its damage mitigated by holy resistance (which, if you look at most armors, is hilariously low) averaging out to much better damage than what is observable from the AR. Not to mention, most people only look at their physical defense, so when you are doing PVP, you will often do much more damage than a physical/fire split.
By Anonymous
At 80 Fai and +10 the Coded sword has 546AR while a Sacred Longsword at +25 only has 604. When you consider the split damage the Coded sword is much better unless you are attacking something with high holy resist.
By Anonymous
WA hits like a truck but be aware than 90% of your opponents will know this move very well and you won't be able to hit them with it. This weapon is still very with proper spells and talismans to boost its damage but don't rely on WA too much.
By Anonymous
Bug with this weapon (Pve)
Either this doesnt deal Holy Damage, or it is Bugged, Undead in Caelid rise after being slain with this Sword.
The golden Order Sword kills them like a proper holy sword!
By Anonymous
Is this the catacombs with the necromancers? Holy damage doesn't work for these specific skeletons
By Anonymous
Holy Damage does not automatically cause undead to stay dead.
Only weapons enchanted with Order's Blade, as well as 3 other, very specific weapons, have that effect.
By Anonymous
The Coded sword uses the Faith Sacred affinity which does not prevent skeletons from reviving.
The Arcane Occult affinity does prevent skeletons from reviving.
The Golden Order Greatsword has a passive that has the same effect as the Occult Affinity.
By Anonymous
Ya its dumb only some holy weapons "kill" skeletons, I think its orientated around specifically holy order weapons that will "kill" them. Then there's the whole problem with golden order incantations being int/faith but the weapons being just faith like they messed up faith pretty bad in this game imo
By Anonymous
Holy damage doesn't kill undead, that's what occult does
By Anonymous
They're also not dying permanently to the wing scythe even though it's doing holy damage.
By Anonymous
Holy damage doesn't automatically keep skeletons from reviving. You must use very specific weapons, or you need to kill them with a Holy AoW, or the buffs that come after, such as the buff from Sacred Blade after it is shot.
By Anonymous
Holy damage =/= killing undead.

Holy damage is simply a damage type, and killing undead is a separate weapon affect that some weapons that do holy damage (e.g. Golden Order Greatsword and Golden Epitaph) happen to have.
By Anonymous
The weapon art will cut straight through Fingerprint Shields and deal like 900 damage. Seeing that troll fatroll away in terror was a sight to behold.
By DTPandemonium
This is the second longest straight sword but not by much less vs noble's slender sword. Has 493 holy attack at 50 faith +10. A 50 str heavy broadsword one handed is 492 physical attack with much shorter reach and no stabs. Power stanced broadswords will outscale it damage wise on very high level characters since it is the highest damage straight sword.
By Anonymous
At 80 faith and +10, with a sacred scorpion charm, I get 612ar. My flame art broadsword at +25 with no talisman is 617. Pretty close and fun to use
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