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By Anonymous
Been looking around for a third weapon to motivate me to do a taxidermist build. This'll go perfectly with the Sword of Milos and Winged Greathorn. Wish me luck y'all.
By Anonymous
is the sword of milos dung eaters shaft
By Anonymous
The reply needs an answer, I speak for everyone
By Anonymous
Can confirm I've been using his shaft on the playthrough. Thx for the laughs.
By Anonymous
Sword of Milos is made from a troll spine.
By Anonymous
Rykard's Stinker Finger.
By Anonymous
I'm gonna try a build where I make the finger invisible and deliver scary unseeable flicks.
By Anonymous
It can’t be buffed
By Anonymous
If this was a toe it'd be Michael Zaki's favorite weapon
By Anonymous
I love Michael Zaki and his hit game sheldon thing
By Anonymous
56 str, dump the rest into dex, str and dex tear physick, fully naked with blue dancer ring and alexander shard, and top it off with FGMS. Enjoy your 1300 damage flicks.
By Anonymous
weapon description really implies those finger****ers are capable of reproduction in some way.

marika's tits.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
kid named finger
By Anonymous
Hammer names Finger:
By Anonymous
sure the hammer moveset is doodoo, but its got range, damage, and a great weapon skill
By Anonymous
1 handed moveset is very good with its range. i've been rocking this with a shield and slapping people around in pvp
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