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By Anonymous
Why does this say there is a passive 5 madness build up? I tried to cause that to happen with both Frenzyflame incants and non frenzy incants but nothing happened.
By Anonymous
really? this is the dex seal we get?
By Anonymous
Pretty hot ngl.
By Anonymous
Genuine question: If you managed to max all four stats, how high does this thing's scaling get? I feel like it's probably still not as good as some of the others, but I'm interested.
By Anonymous
At max level with max upgrades on seals, Frenzied Flame Seal comes in 3rd with 400 incantation scaling. Dragon Communion Seal is 2nd with 415, and Golden Order Seal is 1st with 418.

By Anonymous
While 27 Mar 2023 is correct, it's important to note that the Frenzied Flame Seal gives the largest buff (20%) to its respective incantation group out of those three contenders, compared to Golden Order Seal's 10% and Dragon Communion Seal's 15%. This means that dual-wielding Frenzied Flame Seals is insanely effective for Frenzied Flame incantations with max stats. Source:
By Anonymous
Pve wise, having 2 of these or having 1 of them as an off hand with a high faith seal is the way to go. A lot of damage stacking and flexibility is a must for PvE as a faith caster. But if you plan to pvp…
Definitely recommend to off hand this and use the dragon commission seal if you plan to do any kind of PvP. The arcane scaling in the dragon seal improves the chaos status effect noticeably good and it becomes great against other players (especially against high poise builds since most high poise armor lack focus resistance). While you may do less damage, procing madness easier is a must since it it gives you free dmg, stuns and applies pressure to your foe whenever you build up status. You even have access to most weapons with the use of occult infusion. (preferably with a weapon with built in bleed).
By Anonymous
Bro just get the Erdtree Seal and level FTH. Also get good while you're at it. What's up with all this overthinking?
By Anonymous
I thought they removed Madness scaling with Arcane a while ago
By Anonymous
Not me accepting the curse of an eldritch outer god that seeks to eternally torment every living being so I can reinvest points from endurance and use some basic utility magic while light rolling
By Anonymous
It does not seek eternal torment. The Frenzied Flame is based on Monism and the cosmological dualism of Gnosticism. Everything that is came from The One Great, but the physical universe created by the Greater Will was born of a mistake, and now The One Great wants to correct this error by melting it all away, to how it was before.
By Anonymous
give me the same **** the person above is taking
By Anonymous
Yeah, it's called a brain. Ever heard of it?
By Anonymous
Yeah 3/17 anon is right, but you don't need to even get that deep. Basic reading comprehension makes it very clear that FF ideology is explicitly anti-torment, like that's the ENTIRE crux of it. It seeks to remove the suffering caused by the fact that life is fractured into countless different incomplete beings in conflict with each other, by returning to a fair and undifferentiated chaos in which individual suffering is literally impossible. You don't need to agree with the ideology, personally I agree with Melina's more hopeful take, but it's objectively wrong to say it's pro-torment. 3/17 anon was just going in depth with the real world philosophy and theology behind these ideas, there's nothing wacky about what they wrote unless you're a dingbat who recoils at big words
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