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By Anonymous
How does it affects stamina? I tried it with katanas and looked like a was swinging a large sword... Some one have any clue?
By Anonymous
For those that didn't read it. It drops your damage output. It doesn't show on stats in red. I was wondering why I went from doing 800-900 per swing to 400-500
By Anonymous
my character begging me to take this off of him after farming every single farmable item in this game
By Anonymous
You might not expect it since it gives 8 stat points, but - Ignoring poise, this helm has the best stats per weight unit out of all helms with 4+ weight.
By Anonymous
Despite everyone claiming it isn't very fashionable, I find this mask looks pretty good with the Hoslow set and Black Flame Monk set.
By Anonymous
5% physical AR reduction is pretty much negligible for 8 stat points.
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